Tuesday, November 30

Tough act to follow (25 and 26)

So, I was really proud of yesterday's outfit, and I'm so glad you all liked it too! I think that's the most comments that I've ever gotten on a single post.

Unfortunately, I've been studying and doing homework like a maniac the past couple of days, and since it gets dark so early now these next outfits are of the slightly blurry, indoor lighting variety. Hopefully you won't hold it against me. (It's better than me trying to describe them to you, right?)

Old Navy cardigan; Pacsun tank (it's an undershirt, doesn't count, right?)and jeans; Wet Seal boots; Target scarf (won over at Bon Chic Bon Gastronomique)

I also need to remove the tag from my scarf, it looks like.

Wet Seal cardigan and scarf; Maurices shirt; Pacsun jeans; Wet Seal boots (same as above)

In other news, I've added a nifty gadget over there on the side where you can ask me anything on Formspring. Because I'm sure you guys have burning questions...right?

Sunday, November 28

Twenty, twenty, twenty four hours to go

Wet Seal jacket; Charlotte Russe blazer and dress; DKNY tights; Ross belt; Kohl's boots; Scarf borrowed from my brother.

It was freezing outside, but I just had to show off my scarf-belting skills underneath all those layers. My brother has an awesome scarf collection, and so I took advantage of it as much as I could while I was home.



I'm also very obsessed with these boots, as you can probably tell. This challenge should have just been called "30 ways that Lydia remixes her awesome cognac boots", and it probably wouldn't have differed that much. (Except for my purple-y pink shoes worn here and here, I'm definitely glad I included those).

In other news, only one more week of school, one week of finals, and then this semester is over! I seriously cannot wait, and then I just have one more semester to go until I graduate, and become a grown-up, or something.

Saturday, November 27

The Number 23

The Number 23
Maurices cardigan; Old Navy tee; Aeropostale jeans; Wet Seal boots; Scarf borrowed from my brother

It turns out I've been only working with 29 items this whole time (shows how much I pay attention). I got rid of two pairs of oxfords early on and apparently never replaced one of them, so I'm going to make this t-shirt my 30th item for the next week or so. It'll be nice to have another long-sleeved tee for layering since it's been getting cold.

The Number 23

I went shopping with my family on Black Friday and I gotta say, I'm definitely glad to not be working retail anymore. I was very proud of myself for not buying anything, although I really think I would have bought these in a second if they were in my size:

The Number 23

They were at Goodwill, brand new for $5. I drooled over them for a good 15 minutes before giving up on trying to make an 8.5 work for my size 7 feet. So sad.

It's probably all for the best though, I have no idea what I would have worn them with anyway. I think this challenge is already making me think more carefully about what I do buy and how things will go with the stuff already in my closet.

Thursday, November 25


Thankful (22)
Wet Seal cardigan; Pacsun tank; Charlotte Russe belt; Old Navy skirt; Target tights and socks; Kohl's boots

Today I'm thankful for my friends and family, the boyfriend, and all of you.

I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving. I know I sure did.

Wednesday, November 24

Forever Twenty-One

Maurices Sweater and Belt, Aeropostale Jeans, Kohl's Boots

Only one picture for this outfit, It was windy and I wanted to go inside. I almost didn't want to post this because I feel like I'm wearing jeans a lot, but when I looked at my last 8 outfits, I only wore jeans 3 times, so it's obviously all in my head.

Anyway, I'm super excited for tomorrow. I'll have to look in my 30 items for the stretchiest things to wear. I plan on eating a lot, you guys.

Tuesday, November 23

20 down, 10 to go

Outfits 13-20:

Only 10 more outfits to go! Click here to see my first 12 outfits.

I don't know about you guys, but I am definitely missing the rest of my closet. At the same time though, I have a lot more outfit ideas for my 30 items. Hopefully at least 10.

Anyway, I pretty much loved all 8 of these outfits, any favorites?

Monday, November 22

Weekend Update (19 and 20)

Weekend Update (19)

Weekend Update (19)
Wet Seal Dress, Aeropostale Tights, Kohl's Boots, Charlotte Russe Belt, Pacsun Purse

I'm two-thirds of the way done, so excited! (I don't have super remixing powers, I just started on November 1st.) This weekend all I wanted to wear was leggings and these boots, and so that's what I did. They are just so darn comfy. Add a gingerbread latte and it was a pretty fantastic weekend.

Weekend Update (19)

Weekend Update (20)
Pacsun Shirt, Old Navy Skirt, Aeropostale Leggings, Kohl's Boots, Charlotte Russe Belt
Weekend Update (20)

I'm going to my parent's house tomorrow (it's about a 5-hour drive, yuck), but I'm excited to see my family and eat good food! What are your Thanksgiving plans?

PS Notice anything different? Special thanks to Kimmie over at Blue Paper Lanterns for the awesome header and making it look a little brighter in here!

Sunday, November 21

Beauty queen of only eighteen

Beauty Queen of Only 18
Cardigan-Wet Seal, Shirt-Old Navy, Jeans-Pacsun, Shoes-Payless, Necklace-American Eagle
Beauty Queen of Only 18

You can almost see the boyfriend in the reflection of the window, he's been a sweetheart this week taking my pictures while my roommate (and her camera) are out of town.

This weekend I:
  • Watched Donnie Darko
  • Made pumpkin-cheesecake muffins
  • Worked on a paper about the association between audit fees and earnings management indicators
I am so interesting. Now I'm going to go work on that paper some more. I'll post the rest of my weekend pictures tomorrow (19 and 20, two-thirds of the way done, woo!).

How was your weekend?

Friday, November 19



Blazer and Necklace-Charlotte Russe, Tank and Jeans-Pacsun, Shoes-Payless,

Today's pictures are brought to you by the boyfriend's boring kitchen, because I waited way too late at night to take any.

This blazer is kind of hard to pair with anything other than a simple tank and jeans, I think that's why I waited so long in the challenge to wear it. Looks like I'm going to have to get creative in the next 13 days.

Anyone have any fun weekend plans? I will be doing homework, of course, because school is thisclose to being over with and I still have a ton to do. Hopefully I'll come up with something fun to do too, since I am on break.

P.S. I bought a pair of tights today. They were only $1 though, so does that really count as cheating?

Thursday, November 18

Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen
Cardigan-New York+Company, Shirt-Pacsun, Belt and Boots-Wet Seal, Jeans-Aeropostale, Necklace-Street vendor in Santa Fe

I actually had time to take outside pictures today (hooray!). Also, I'm going back and adding descriptions of what I've been wearing the past couple of weeks since I just realized it's a pain to look all the way back to my 30 for 30 items if you want to see where something's from.

I also went to a spinning class today, and I can't figure out why anyone would want to go to those. I mean, pedaling for an hour is not that interesting, the room smells bad even with fans going, and my legs are all jello-y afterwards.

I might go again tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 17

Shades of Grey (No. 15)

15 Shades of Grey

So it turns out, when you only have 30 items to wear you have to do laundry a lot more often. Usually I do it about once a month, and so I am definitely not used to this. (Don't judge, I am in college and quarters are hard to find sometimes)

However, if it wasn't for my need to do laundry I probably would not have come up with this outfit, which I really really love. I'd been wanting to do an all-grey look ever since Shea over at Bon Chic Bon Gastronomique did it a few weeks ago.

15 Shades of Grey
Dress and Cardigan-Wet Seal
Belt and Boots-Charlotte Russe
15 Shades of Grey

PS I've officially been doing this blogging thing for one month now. Thank you so much for reading! It's been a lot of fun so far.

Tuesday, November 16

No. 14

No. 14
Sweater-Express, Scarf and Leggings-Walmart, Skirt-Old Navy, Boots-Wet Seal, Socks-Target
No. 14

I had the urge to wear purple with this olive skirt again, and I really loved how it turned out this time. It's simple, but I was warm and cozy all day.

No. 14

PS This is the easiest way ever to wear a scarf. I just tied the ends together so it made a big loop, and then doubled it (pretty much like an infinity scarf). Otherwise I'd spend all day figuring out how to tie my scarf so that it looks good.

Monday, November 15

13 Going on 30

13 going on 30
13 going on 30
I wish I had a reason to wear heels more often, because I would seriously wear these pink ones all the time. Want to guess how much they cost? $0, I bet you didn't guess that.

What happened was I went to a garage sale and the woman was so frustrated with everyone offering her so little money for her things that she just started giving me things for free because she liked me and said it was less insulting that way.

Long story short, I went home with 6 free pairs of shoes.

13 going on 30
Top-Maurices, Skirt and Tights-Target, Shoes-Awesome garage sale lady, Necklace-American Eagle
13 going on 30

Happy Monday everyone!

Sunday, November 14

Two Weeks Notice

Outfits 1-12:

I realize that being two-fifths of the way done may not sound as cool as other fractions, but it's almost halfway, and so I'm excited.

My favorites so far are days 5, 7, and 11. What are yours?