Tuesday, May 31

Memorial Day



Kohl's t-shirt; Target skirt; Thrifted shoes.

There's just something about blue flats...I'm pretty sure everyone should own a pair. You can't even consider this particular shade of blue a neutral, but somehow they go with everything.

Anyway, I hope you had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend! I spend it studying (surprise, surprise), but I also squeezed in a movie (The Hangover 2), and as many ribs, hotdogs and hamburgers (Don't you love summer food?) as I could.

Wednesday, May 25

Those fake pearls and their tricks..



Target button-down and heels; Thrifted skirt; American Eagle necklace.

This may look like a well-thought out outfit, but that's just the (fake) pearls playing tricks on you. In truth, I grabbed my trusty chambray shirt and paired it with the first skirt* I saw in my closet. Add some neutral shoes, the aforementioned necklace, a high bun, and I was out the door in less than 30 minutes.

Not bad, right? Especially for someone whose brain is pretty fried these days...

*Anyway, I also have a quick question. I've been liking longer skirts lately but I'm debating hemming this skirt to right above my knees, what do you think?

Tuesday, May 24

Black and white and studying all over.



Banana Republic shirt; Dillards (junior's section) blazer; Gap (thrifted) shorts; Thrifted shoes and purse.

I don't have much to say about this outfit except that these shorts go up to my belly-button, and so they're really not very cute if I don't have a longer shirt on. Luckily for you guys though, I do.

The only other news I have is that I've been studying for the CPA exam for two days now, and my brain already feels full. This can't be a good sign.

Monday, May 23

Graduation (again)

This weekend my little brother graduated from high school! I'm such a proud older sister.




It does make me feel old though, it seems like just yesterday he was graduating from Kindergarten. (I'd also like to point out I was also taller than him then)


Tell me he's not the cutest thing in a cap and gown you've ever seen.

Anyway, congratulations Steven! You are the coolest (and most stylish) 18 year old I know. Good luck!

Friday, May 20

Adventures in power steering


Express cardigan; Old Navy dress; Thrifted belt and shoes.

These were taken in an airport, hence the not-awesome lighting. I have a story for you guys though, so I figured I may as well include outfit pictures too.

Anyway, on our way to the airport today (which is about 2 hours away...to pick up my grandma), Selena (please tell me I'm not the only person who names their car) flashes the words 'power steering' at me, and which point the power steering just...dies. I don't usually think about different parts of my car (I usually assume she runs by magic), but apparently power steering is pretty important.

It wasn't so bad on the highway, but when we were slowed down and in the parking lot...holy moly that thing was hard to drive! It's probably because I don't go to the gym enough and have weak arm muscles, but the whole thing just really freaked me out.

Anyway, the moral of the story is to pay attention to recall notices that come in the mail. And if you drive a Chevy Cobalt or Pontiac G5, pay attention to that power steering.

Anyway, have a great weekend! [Insert witty comment here about the world ending]

Tuesday, May 17

Rinse, wear, repeat.


Express t-shirt and jeans; Target flats; Thrifted scarf and belt.

I wear some variation of this outfit a lot. In fact, on the days that I'm not posting an outfit, the odds are pretty good that I'm wearing skinny jeans, a white t-shirt, and a scarf. My collection of scarves is getting pretty gigantic...it was already growing pretty fast with all my trips to Savers, and then a few weeks ago my step-mom brought home about 50 scarves from a garage sale for only like $8. Needless to say I won't be repeating any for a while.

Do you guys have a 'go-to' outfit when you're in a hurry or just feeling lazy in general?

Monday, May 16



H&M t-shirt; Old Navy pants; Target shoes.

There's nothing really special about this outfit except for the fact that my little brother is wearing the exact same colors. Forgive me for the lighting, but I couldn't help sharing. (We didn't plan it I swear)

So I'm back home for the summer until I start my new job in October. It's gonna take a little getting used to since it's been so long since I've lived with my parents. There's a lot of things like 'Do I have to make my bed?' 'Do I have a curfew?' that I'm still not sure of. Not that I'll really have to worry about the latter, because all I'm going to be doing is studying for the CPA exam anyway. That, and the fact that I don't have too many friends in my hometown = no social life.

In any case, it's definitely fantastic having home-cooked meals and not having to pay to do laundry. Oh yeah, and not being in school anymore? That's awesome too.

Wednesday, May 11




Express shirt; Thrifted skirt and belt; Target wedges; LinleyShea necklace.

I have no idea what this thing is that I'm standing on, but it's next to the library on campus and I was there today returning some books (only a week late). I'm pretty sure I've never turned in a library book in on time, but luckily for me, on campus they don't have fines.

Anyway, I thought to put these colors together after seeing this post by Kendi. I figured it was close enough. I've also never had a skirt this length before, it makes me feel very lady-like. I think part of getting older (and maybe the whole-getting a master's degree) makes me want to dress more modestly and over all more grown-up. Do you guys get like that too? At what point do you throw away the graphic t-shirts and mini-skirts? Not that I have a lot of those anyway, but still.

Monday, May 9



American Eagle tank; Aeropostale hoodie; Old Navy shorts; Thrifted shoes.

Guess what guys? I survived last week! Which means 1) I'm back to blogging on a (hopefully) more regular basis, and 2) I have a master's degree.

It actually feels really weird to say that. Sometimes I feel like I graduated high school just yesterday and not five years ago. I gotta say though, I've had an amazing college experience and a part of me is pretty sad that it's over.

It's crazy because I've been a student for the past 17 years and now it's time for something different.

Wednesday, May 4

Finals week.

This is what I look like during finals week at 2 am:

Photo on 2011-05-04 at 01.55

If I had thought ahead I would have gotten guest bloggers or something this week so I didn't have to scramble to put together an outfit-less post. But it all kind of snuck up on me, so here's a picture of my cat instead:


He's in a drawer, and he's cross-eyed. He also says hi, and that when this is all over (like on Thursday) I'll have a post with some clothes and stuff.

Monday, May 2




Target button down; Old Navy dress; Payless flats.

Yes, this is the same dress but a different color as the one here, and a different pattern as the one here. I just can't resist buying multiples sometimes, (especially when they're on sale). Do you guys do ever do that? I did, however, break away from adding a cardigan and a belt and tied a chambray button-down on instead.

This weekend I was as lazy as humanly possible. I had to study for exams of course, but for the most part I didn't leave my couch, which was kind of nice. In other news, I'm just a final exam and a final project away from a Master's degree. I seriously can't wait!