Monday, October 24

Dear Friends,

I'm not gone forever, just until I get internet in my apartment. Also, until I'm actually at home for more than a couple of days at a time (I've been living out of a suitcase a lot lately). Also, I can't find the battery to my camera...I took it out to charge and have no idea where I put it.

So basically, until next week (fingers crossed on that battery). Still not quite sure about what's in store for this blog, I'm kinda thinking a little less about style, a little more about life. My main goal is to at least get back to posting regularly again.

Overall though, the new job is going pretty fantastic. I'm still getting used to getting up so early, (I know all you working people probably have it down, I was majorly spoiled this summer) but it's getting easier. Coffee helps.

Sunday, October 2

Is it Fall yet?



Banana Republic top; Old Navy shorts; Target wedges.

Lots to talk about today! First: one of the reasons I moved to Arizona was because I hate cold weather (I'll seriously be happy if I never have to own a heavy jacket again). However, I am a little jealous of all you guys that get to dress like it's fall; my tights and boots are just begging to be worn. Meanwhile it's still 100 degrees here and I'm having to buy more shorts because I don't have enough (these that I'm wearing were only $2.50!)

Secondly, I met my first fellow-blogger this past week! If you guys haven't stopped by Threads and Buttons, you totally should. Kelley and I went thrifting in Sun City, which is a retirement community (we were seriously the youngest people around for miles). We were bad bloggers and didn't take any pictures unfortunately, but it was still a blast. Check out her post here to read more!

Finally, thank you guys so much for all your advice in my last post about my first day of work! I think I finally know what I'm gonna wear (it's only changed about six times) and I can't wait to share with you guys how everything goes!