Sunday, October 24


With only a week left until No(shopping)vember, I of course, went shopping. I'm on the hunt for some brown boots, but it's harder than you'd think. (I'm picky)

I found these online at Target, which are exactly what I'm looking for, and only $30, but they only had the black ones in the store. I'm debating between ordering them online or looking elsewhere this week.

Instead today, I bought knee-high socks to wear with the boots that I have yet to buy, maroon tights, and a $2 belt from the little boys section of Ross. I'd also like to buy more sweaters this week, but I'm trying not to over do the cold weather apparel, since I'm moving to a place after graduation where it's an average of 70 degrees in December (not that it gets too much cooler here).

In other news, the boyfriend is lending me his camera until christmas, so outfit posts should be coming this week! The plan is to participate in:

(Who doesn't love prizes?)


  1. I love this No(shopping)vember idea... I can't wait to read how this experiment goes :)

  2. I have a friend who is doing the great american apparel diet or something like that, and not buying any clothes FOR A WHOLE YEAR!!! No(shopping)vember is much more reasonable...but still...crazy if you ask me! I mean, what if you are at Target and find something you just have to have? ; )


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