Thursday, April 28

Windy days



Express top; Banana Republic belt; Old Navy skirt; Target shoes; Blogger bun.

60 mph wind forced me to take my pictures inside today, but I loved how spring-y this outfit was so I still had to share. Also, the bright yellow skirt helped to distract from the fact that I didn't wash my hair.

In other news, I've eaten Taco Bell three times this week already. I blame it on being the last week of classes, and those $0.89 cheesy double decker tacos are just too good to pass up. I may need a life coach.

Monday, April 25




Thrifted top and belt; Old Navy pants; Target wedges.

I had a couple really awesome shopping trips last week, and this outfit is the result of that. I left Savers with silk tops in almost every color of the rainbow (go here if you haven't already heard me rave about those). And then on Saturday Old Navy had some kind of sale where all their sale bottoms were $ I bought quite a few pants, skirts and shorts.

I also bought a trench coat last week from Target for $12....never mind that I live in the desert and am moving to a city even more in the was $12!

And just to further emphasize how good of a shopping week last week was...I found coconut M&Ms at Target and bought 4 bags. I probably need them less than I need a trench coat but they're SO GOOD. And they'll probably be gone before school is out (11 more days!).

PS. Did you have a good Easter? I pretty much ate my body weight in ham and deviled eggs.

Thursday, April 21

What to wear with navy blue


Thrifted top (worn as dress here); Thrifted skirt and belt; Target shoes.

I've come a long way with taking risks and being more creative with how I dress since starting this blog. But navy blue has always been a hard color for me. For some reason I tend to think that it doesn't go with anything, and so that's why I decided to pair it with more navy blue. A lot of you gave me some other great suggestions to pair the skirt with on twitter, so I promise to be more adventurous next time.

In other news, my weekend starts at 4 pm on Thursday! Thank goodness. Do you guys have any fun Easter plans? I'm going to a friend's house for an awesome homemade meal, I also plan on eating as many chocolate eggs and rabbits as possible.

Tuesday, April 19

Today's post is brought to you by the letter B



Maurices cardigan; Old Navy dress; Thrifted belt; Target wedges.

So, first things first, I passed my orals! Holy moly am I glad that's over.

Secondly, I don't know what the letter B is for. But my roommate had it in her car (it was a prop from work) and for some reason I got excited and I just HAD to pose with it like my name was Brittany or Brianne and I was taking my senior pictures.

If that disappoints you, feel free to imagine that it stands for something meaningful like blog, or balance sheet, or...bacon. If you can think of something cooler you win a prize!*

Aaaand I'm a little sleep deprived but on the upside 19 days until graduation!

*You won't actually win a prize :(

Sunday, April 17

Sneak Peek

This past week, and this weekend, and today, have all been craaaazy. Monday I have my Master's Oral Exam, and then a presentation in my audit class in the evening, so I've pretty much just been studying like a mad woman. I also have 5 papers, another presentation, and two final exams to look forward to in the next couple of weeks so I'm a tiny bit stressed.

Anyway, so all you get is a sneak-peek of an outfit post until most likely late Monday night.


Aren't you curious to know what's so exciting about the letter B? Stay tuned.

Wednesday, April 13

Good news and bad news



New York+Company cardigan; Old Navy tank; Maurices shorts; Thrifted shoes.

So, I swear self-tanner is on my grocery list, I just get groceries about as often as I do laundry (which is not often, let me tell you). And I spend most of my life studying inside so....the bad news is my legs will just be kinda white-ish for now.

But the good news is: 1) I had a good hair day, and 2) Every outfit is made better by the color yellow. Also, all I have to do is survive 24 more days until graduation!

Monday, April 11


This weekend I:

-Joined Pinterest. And I'm obsessed. (Follow me!)

Screen shot 2011-04-11 at 12.17.56 AM

-Saw Hanna and Sucker Punch. Now all I keep thinking of is who would win in a fight between Hanna and Babydoll.

-Bought two more flowery sundresses from Old Navy.

-Followed my cat around and took pictures of him. Also, fed him marshmallow peeps.

IMG_0094 IMG_0082

-Had awesome drinks with awesome friends.


-Also, I didn't take any outfit pictures because I'm lazy.

P.S. Happy Birthday Sarah! <3 your roommate.

How was your weekend?

Thursday, April 7

Exciting things



Old Navy dress; Wet Seal cardigan; Target flats; Ross belt (little boys section).

So many exciting things to talk about today! I almost don't know where to start.

First of all, I switched to Disqus. I'd been meaning to do it for a while, and I highly recommend it. The ability to respond to comments is seriously fantastic.

Secondly, my domain is now This is also something I'd been meaning to do for a while, and it was fairly easy. The only thing I had trouble with is all my comments disappeared! I'm pretty sure all of them are back now except for my last two posts...which is a little frustrating but it could be worse I guess. Does everything else look normal to you guys?

And finally, let me tell you how awesomely cheap this outfit was. Dress=$9, Cardi=$2, Belt=$2, Flats=$3. That's a total of $16, and nothing was even thrifted, just on super super sale. Pretty awesome, huh?

Monday, April 4




Thrifted skirt and top; Ross belt (little boys section); Target heels.

So do you ever feel like you have nothing to wear and your wardrobe sucks? And then you do a month's worth of laundry and you have more clothes than you know what to do with? This happens to me once a month. Maybe someday I'll learn...or I'll get a maid.

Anyway, I copied every bit of this outfit from this one that Sydney posted over at The Daybook. And I'm totally not ashamed, because I really, really love it and how the peachy skirt and the nude shoes make my legs look like they belong to some Amazon woman. An Amazon woman who should probably bust out the self-tanner.

Friday, April 1

Ch-Check it out


I'm super excited because today I'm guest posting over at Honestly Kristen! Kristen is awesome because 1) She's super sweet and funny, and 2) Her corporate style is exactly how I want to dress when I grow up. And by grow up, I mean in October when I start my new job. Anyway, go check out her blog and my post!