Tuesday, April 19

Today's post is brought to you by the letter B



Maurices cardigan; Old Navy dress; Thrifted belt; Target wedges.

So, first things first, I passed my orals! Holy moly am I glad that's over.

Secondly, I don't know what the letter B is for. But my roommate had it in her car (it was a prop from work) and for some reason I got excited and I just HAD to pose with it like my name was Brittany or Brianne and I was taking my senior pictures.

If that disappoints you, feel free to imagine that it stands for something meaningful like blog, or balance sheet, or...bacon. If you can think of something cooler you win a prize!*

Aaaand I'm a little sleep deprived but on the upside 19 days until graduation!

*You won't actually win a prize :(


  1. Good for you! Maybe b for brains? :) Cute ensemble here... I have those same wedges - always love to see how other people style things in my closet!

  2. Congrats for passing your oral exam. I am not really sure what that involves. I am just really glad my graduate program doesn't require them.

  3. Whoot, whoot for passing your exam and 19 days left before graduation. How about blogmance? I also love the dress. It looks super cute on your. Ah now I have that Old Navy song stuck in my head. :P

  4. The B brings out your eyes.


    Adorable outfit!!

  5. Mmmm, bacon. I like the B--good prop. Maybe it could stand for bitchin' since it's pretty bitchin' you passed your exam! Congrats! This pretty, colorful spring look is pretty bitchin' too. (I just like that word, don't know why)

  6. B = beauuuutiful! Or Bongratulations (it's a stretch, I know) on passing your orals!!

  7. i choose to believe that B stands for break! as in...spring break! you look super cute in your floralsss.

  8. those shoes! love 'em. hahah and the B thing is awesome. i actually have a small, miniature B as well. for no reason. mannnn i'm sleep deprived too. it is bad news bears

  9. very cute dress. and I agree B is for Brains! Hope your finals are going well! Soon you will be done! xo

  10. Really nice outfit! love the wedges and dress!

  11. I was at Old Navy recently and definitely missed that darling little number. How cute! No...that would be a C. Beautiful was already done....Um.....bodacious! Love it either way, Lydia. Love.

    Lindsay Living

  12. I just read this again and literally laughed out loud!


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