Friday, May 17


Not really sure if this is necessary, but just in case anyone is still stumbling on this page, you can now find me here.

Wednesday, November 2


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It's starting to feel like Fall here in Arizona. And by that I mean it's finally under 90 degrees most days. In any case I didn't dress up for Halloween this year, but we did carve pumpkins this weekend and eat a ridiculous amount of candy.

Also, as I mentioned last week, work is going really well. But man I'm exhausted at the end of the day. I've been getting home around 6 or 7 and I'm immediately ready for bed. As I'm typing the only thing keeping me awake now is X-Factor and the fact that I still have some work to do tonight.

Anyway, I have internet now (it only took about 6 weeks) so hopefully you'll be seeing more of me around here. The outfit posts should return soon too, although less frequently and mixed in with other (to be determined) posts.

Monday, October 24

Dear Friends,

I'm not gone forever, just until I get internet in my apartment. Also, until I'm actually at home for more than a couple of days at a time (I've been living out of a suitcase a lot lately). Also, I can't find the battery to my camera...I took it out to charge and have no idea where I put it.

So basically, until next week (fingers crossed on that battery). Still not quite sure about what's in store for this blog, I'm kinda thinking a little less about style, a little more about life. My main goal is to at least get back to posting regularly again.

Overall though, the new job is going pretty fantastic. I'm still getting used to getting up so early, (I know all you working people probably have it down, I was majorly spoiled this summer) but it's getting easier. Coffee helps.

Sunday, October 2

Is it Fall yet?



Banana Republic top; Old Navy shorts; Target wedges.

Lots to talk about today! First: one of the reasons I moved to Arizona was because I hate cold weather (I'll seriously be happy if I never have to own a heavy jacket again). However, I am a little jealous of all you guys that get to dress like it's fall; my tights and boots are just begging to be worn. Meanwhile it's still 100 degrees here and I'm having to buy more shorts because I don't have enough (these that I'm wearing were only $2.50!)

Secondly, I met my first fellow-blogger this past week! If you guys haven't stopped by Threads and Buttons, you totally should. Kelley and I went thrifting in Sun City, which is a retirement community (we were seriously the youngest people around for miles). We were bad bloggers and didn't take any pictures unfortunately, but it was still a blast. Check out her post here to read more!

Finally, thank you guys so much for all your advice in my last post about my first day of work! I think I finally know what I'm gonna wear (it's only changed about six times) and I can't wait to share with you guys how everything goes!

Thursday, September 29

Pre-1st day of work post


Kohl's t-shirt; Old Navy skirt; Walmart flats; Self-made bracelets.

This is a quickly written post because the Starbucks I'm at is about to close and I'm too poor for Internet at home just yet.

Just a few more days though until I start work! I'm most nervous about the silly little things, like what to wear and what bag to bring than the actual job itself. Dressing for a new job is always a little nerve-racking, even though I've visited the office before and have seen what people wear. I'm probably way over-thinking it too, but no one wants to be too dressy, or too casual, or stand out too much.

Maybe it's just the term business casual that stresses me out, because there are so many different interpretations of it (all you have to do is do a google search to see that some people include mini-skirts in that definition for some reason). Of course working for an accounting firm means I'll be at the conservative end of the spectrum, but it's still not always completely obvious what's acceptable sometimes.

I have a feeling I'm gonna spend a lot of time in my closet this weekend regardless, but any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated too :)

Monday, September 26

Let's talk about hair [Hana Professional 1.5" Flat Iron review]

Disclosure: The flat iron is c/o Misikko, but the review and opinions are my own.

Shall we? I'm no expert on hair by any means (I'd know even less if it wasn't for tutorials on youtube) but recently the nice people at Misikko asked me to review their Hana Professional 1.5" Flat Iron. I've been a total slave to my flat irons ever since discovering how they could tame my hair in high school, so I jumped at the opportunity.

First off though, the products I use:
I don't really use anything fancy on my hair...the heat protection spray and dry shampoo are pretty self-explanatory (both Suave), I use the anti-breakage serum when my hair is wet (Organix, and it smells fantastic), and I use the glossing cream after I'm done with everything (Fekkai, and yes it's worth the money).

Then if I have time I let my hair air-dry (like in the pics below), or use a really cheap hair dryer because I still have a while to go before getting my big-girl-job paychecks.

And then, of course, the flat iron. This one from HANA actually impressed me a lot. My hair is pretty thick but it took me less than 10 minutes to get it all straight and smooth. They also sent me storage pouches and a silicone mat, which is nice because once I made a nice burned indention in a friend's carpet from setting my flat iron down on it (I think I covered it up with a trash can, or something).

Other than that it's got ceramic plates, multiple heat settings, basically all the things you'd expect from a great quality flat iron. The only thing I've noticed it that it's a little slower heating up than other ones I've had, but this is probably only a difference of about a minute or so.
IMG_0706 IMG_0713
There's a before and after for you, I think the rule is you can only smile in the after one, right?

Overall I'd recommend checking out Missiko if you're in the market for flat irons, Chi products, or anything else for your hair. It's pricier than what you'd find at say, Target, but it's definitely worth it if you have harder to manage hair like I do.

What things do you guys use on your hair that you can't live without?

Thursday, September 22

Part Deux (REG)

Below is the reaction video I made this morning (frozen again on a really really attractive face), although if you follow me on twitter you already know how it went.

I'm not as jumping-up-and-down-excited as I was yesterday though, I think I'm more relieved than anything else. Relieved that I don't have to shell out another $500 to re-take those tests. Relieved that I didn't waste my last summer vacation, and most of all relieved that now I can forget everything I know about the tax law.

The only downer is this means it's time to study for exam #3! And I only have a week left of my last summer vacation, although it doesn't feel like it because it's 107 degrees outside. (Which I don't really mind until I read other blogs and everyone's busting out their boots and tights already)

And just so I don't end this post complaining, my mom and little brother are coming into town later tonight! I'm pretty stoked to show them around here and for some human interaction other than just brushing elbows with people at Starbucks like I have all week.