Friday, January 28

Excuses, excuses.


Target sweater and skirt; Walmart tights; Kohl's boots; Pacsun necklace (gift)

Oh hey look, an outfit post. I feel like it's been a really long time. Aaaaand I'm sorry.

I really intended for this to be an easy semester. But for some reason I signed up for three pretty time-consuming classes, have a 20 hour a week graduate assistantship, and I'm president of my honor society. This all equals a lot of time spent at school, and not much time to spend reading blogs and making outfit posts. But I'm working on it, because I need that me time, or else I'll probably go crazy.

On a lighter note, I'm so excited for all of you who are doing the 30 for 30 in February! I really struggled with deciding whether or not to do it this time around, and ultimately decided against it for a few reasons.
  1. It's been a little less than two months since I participated in the last one, and I still feel like I haven't 100% reacquainted myself with the rest of my closet. It's too soon.

  2. Southern New Mexico doesn't really have well defined seasons. November through March means 50-70 degree temperatures for the most part. I'd love for my next 30 for 30 to be a warm-weather one.

  3. I'm also hesitant to commit to daily outfit posts until I figure out how to better work blogging in my schedule this semester.
Excuses, excuses, I know. I am, however, going to participate in the No-Shopping ban. My wallet and my bulging closet needs it.

Monday, January 24

7 embarrassing things about my childhood

Monkeyface tagged me to share seven embarrassing things about my childhood. This works perfectly because I've been majorly slacking on taking outfit pictures. Hopefully this week will be a lot less hectic than last week.

This is the only childhood photo that isn't at my parent's house. My dad and I still wear matching purple shirts every so often. But seriously, how cute was I?
  1. I never believed in Santa Claus. And I was that kid in your class who would tell you he wasn't real. I hope we can still be friends.

  2. I don't remember how old I was, but once I was chewing Winterfresh gum and thought that it would make a nice eyeshadow color. Needless to say, it's hard to get gum out of your eyelashes. I wasn't allowed to have gum for a while after that.

  3. I've never broken a bone or needed stitches. Which is miraculous considering how much I fell down. My mom would send me to school with my legs all bandaged up, probably looking like I was a battered child. I was just clumsy.

  4. In 3rd grade I watched Old Yeller (while eating pizza rolls) on at least a weekly basis. It never got old. Or less sad.

  5. I probably owned close to 20 'best friend' necklaces in elementary school. Not because I had a lot of friends, but because me and my best friend at the time went to Claire's on a weekly basis. I'm also allergic to nickel, so I always had a very itchy neck.

  6. I don't have an athletic bone in my body, but in 8th grade I won the award for 'Best Effort' in my PE class. I was always scared of the ball, but at least I tried.

  7. Hot Topic became my favorite store in about the 9th grade. My haircolors ranged from black to purple to green (we tried at least). I probably never looked as hard-core as I intended, and so it's definitely a good thing that that phase passed.
You know you want to share your embarrassing things about your childhood too! Click here to read seven other 'secrets' about me.

Tuesday, January 18

Is it Friday yet?




Maurices cardigan; Kohl's t-shirt; Charlotte Russe belt; Pacsun jeans; Thrifted Steve Madden flats.

I'm in love with these shoes, I got them for only $4 at goodwill! I'm not really sure what all they'll go with, but I'm looking forward to remixing them.

I cannot wait for this week to be over already. Today is only my second day of school but I have a ridiculous amount of stuff to do already. I make to-do lists for most days and I needed two pages for it today!

I had always planned for my last semester to be relaxed and pretty easy for the most part, but I can't help but make myself busy I guess. And there's probably more productive things I should be doing right now other than blogging (like doing the reading for my class in 15 minutes) but oh well.

Monday, January 17

Weekend in San Antonio

This weekend I went to San Antonio for a leadership retreat for the officers of my honor society. It was a blast, although I really wish I'd taken more pictures.

Thursday we flew in pretty late, but found a mexican restaurant on the riverwalk that was open. The waiter was a jerk, but the burritos (and margaritas) were gigantic, so it balanced out.


Friday we spent about 10 hours in a conference room, but it went by faster than you'd think. That night we ate at Bohanan's Prime Steaks & Seafood, which I highly recommend if you're ever in San Antonio and have some money to spend.

Saturday we went to the Alamo, El Mercado, the Buckhorn Saloon and Josephine Street Cafe. And I rode in a limo for the first time, although there's a funny story about that. The first half of our group took off in a mini-van, and then a limo just happened to be parked in front of our hotel that could take the rest of us to the restaurant. Needless to say, the first half was pretty shocked when we showed up.

Wet Seal cardigan; Target button-down; Pacsun jeans; Thrifted belt; Not shown: Kohl's boots that I wear all the time.

Below is at the arcade in the Buckhorn said that I'm harmless.


Oh, and I made a deal with my friend that if he wore a coonskin cap all day Saturday, I'd dance on top of the bar in Coyote Ugly. He was a trooper and held up his end of the deal...and so I held up mine. Guess I'm not so harmless after all? Supposedly there's photographic and video proof, but I'm hoping it never hits the internet. You guys don't want to see all that awkwardness, trust me.


Hope you all had a great MLK day!

Thursday, January 13

1st day of school

1st day of school

1st day of school

1st day of school
Target sweater, tights and socks; Wet Seal skirt; Kohl's boots; Thrifted belt.

I wasn't intending to take a day off from blogging yesterday, but one bad thing kept happening after another and I couldn't bring myself to change out of sweatpants.

Today, however, will be awesome. It's the 1st day of class, for one thing. (I originally though I'd start the 18th because I'm leaving for San Antonio today, but we're not leaving until a lot later tonight). Which is very exciting in itself, because I've been itching to get out and do something other than sit around my apartment all day. (It's been nice not working or going to school during the break, but also very boring.)

Anyway, I was feeling "inspired" again today, this time from this outfit that Kendi wore. I always have a hard time figuring out what to wear with printed skirts, because I don't want to be too matchy-matchy, but I also don't want to look like I get dressed in the dark.

I do like how this turned out though, and although the location isn't super exciting, it's a change from my parking lot, which is always nice.

I probably won't have another post until Monday, so have a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 11

Copying and Telling


Wet Seal Cardigan; Pacsun jeans and button-down; Kohl's boots; Thrifted belt.

So I had one of those mornings where I hated everything in my closet and had no idea what to wear. So I'll call this "inspired" by an outfit Linley wore last week, even though I pretty much flat-out copied it.

In other news, I went and saw Tron earlier today, which I thought was pretty awesome. Best soundtrack I've heard in a long time. I've never seen the original though, but I just put it on my to-watch list.

I'm also going to see Harry Potter in a couple of hours, because I'm probably the last person on earth who hasn't seen it yet. I just don't like crowded movie theaters...and I really don't have much else to do before school starts.

Seen any good movies lately?

Monday, January 10

New year, new look, new Lydia

New year, new look, new Lydia

New year, new look, new Lydia
Wet Seal cardigan; Zoo York t-shirt; Maurices shorts; American Apparel tights; Charlotte Russe boots; J. Crew necklace.

If you follow me on twitter, then you know that I got a haircut this past weekend. This is a big deal because I think it had been since June since I'd had a cut, and I was in need of a change, even if it was a small one. The wind wasn't doing me any favors while taking pictures today though, so here's a better picture of the cut.

Bonus points if you got the Degrassi reference in the title! It's slightly addicting if you've ever seen it. And slightly, I mean I spent all day Saturday and Sunday watching a marathon of it. So much for being any kind of productive.

Hope you all are having an awesome Monday!

Friday, January 7

It's Friday I'm in love


Old Navy shirt; Maurices sweater; Pacsun jeans; Kohl's boots.

Are you tired of this location yet? Me too, but I haven't had the need to leave my apartment all week long, so the parking lot it is.

And I liked this outfit a lot when I came up with it, but I'm not too crazy about the pictures for some reason. Maybe I needed a necklace or a belt, or maybe the lighting is just weird.

Oh well, I wanted to share it anyway because the button-down is a recent purchase and it's one of the few red things I own. Plus I was having a good hair day, and the only other people who got to see it were my roommate and the cashier at Target.

Anyway, I don't have any exciting weekend plans, I just started reading Watership Down so most of my weekend will probably be spent finishing that. I hope you guys have a lot more exciting things going on!

Wednesday, January 5

Birds of a feather

Birds of a feather

Birds of a feather
Pacsun shirt, belt and jeans; Payless flats; Necklace from Santa Fe street vendor.
Birds of a feather

Birds of a feather

Seriously, how adorable are the birds on this top? It's another Christmas gift from my brother, who if I haven't said it enough, has really really good taste in clothes.

Things I'm looking forward to right now:
  • Going back to school on the 18th. I'm not looking forward to the classes necessarily, but I am looking forward to seeing all my friends again. (And did I mention it's my last semester ever?!)
  • San Antonio next week! The officers of my honor society are all going on a retreat there, and I'm stoked!
  • The return of the boyfriend. He's only been out of town for 2 days, and he'll be back when school starts, but things seriously are not as fun without him. Plus that means I'm having to cook for myself, which is not so awesome.
I'm sure there are other things, but this post has taken me long enough to write already and I've got an express gift card that's burning a hole in my pocket so I'm going to go spend it now bye.

Tuesday, January 4

I heart New Mexico

Anchor Blue flannel; Pacsun tank; Maurices shorts; Target tights and shoes; Truche necklace


And yes, that is the state of New Mexico. Seriously everyone should go and check out Truche right now. Her jewelry is just lovely, and if she doesn't have a state/country that you want (she didn't have New Mexico, for example), she'll do a custom piece for you. And it'll be awesome. So go do it now, so we can all match.

Anyway, I was feeling very Elle-inspired today, so I decided to finally try wearing shorts with tights. And I loved it! The rest of the little town that I live in might have been confused, but oh well.

Oh, and if this shirt looks familiar, it's because I only own so many long-sleeved shirts and it's cold outside. Although I did exchange it for a couple of sizes bigger after wearing it last time. I think I like it better now. I kept the other flannel I have just like it the same size, mostly because I actually took the tags off that one.

Oh! And I did this awesome DIY last night to organize my tights drawer. Expect pictures later. Best idea ever Linley.

Monday, January 3

So this is the new year

I hope you all had a fantastic New Year's! I sure did. So much, in fact, that I neglected to take very many pictures. Whoops. At least you can tell how awesome and sparkly my tights are.

So this is the new year
Urban Outfitters dress; JC Penney tights.

We spent the night drinking the stuff below, and made pretzels and enchiladas instead of the fondue. And we didn't have confetti, but sometime after midnight people started throwing popcorn. I don't know why.
So this is the new year

When I stop and think about it, 2010 was a pretty big year for me.

I received a Bachelor of Accountancy

I started grad school (and got my first 4.0 since high school)

I turned 21

I went to Las Vegas, Orlando, Seattle, and San Francisco

I went through what seemed like countless amounts of interviews....and then landed my dream job

I also started a blog--and successfully completed the 30 for 30 challenge

2011 is going to be another big year for me.

I'll be receiving a Master of Accountancy

I'll be starting said dream job in the fall, in a new city

I'll also be taking the CPA exam

I'm so excited to see what else this year will have in store for me.

I was also thinking about resolutions, and I honestly couldn't have put it into any better words than when Kristen talked about The Beautiful Project. I can get really hard on myself sometimes, and this year I'm going to remind myself that while I can't always be perfect, I'm more than good enough just the way that I am.

I'd also like to stop eating candy for breakfast and clean my room once in a while, but let's take one thing at a time, shall we?