Monday, January 17

Weekend in San Antonio

This weekend I went to San Antonio for a leadership retreat for the officers of my honor society. It was a blast, although I really wish I'd taken more pictures.

Thursday we flew in pretty late, but found a mexican restaurant on the riverwalk that was open. The waiter was a jerk, but the burritos (and margaritas) were gigantic, so it balanced out.


Friday we spent about 10 hours in a conference room, but it went by faster than you'd think. That night we ate at Bohanan's Prime Steaks & Seafood, which I highly recommend if you're ever in San Antonio and have some money to spend.

Saturday we went to the Alamo, El Mercado, the Buckhorn Saloon and Josephine Street Cafe. And I rode in a limo for the first time, although there's a funny story about that. The first half of our group took off in a mini-van, and then a limo just happened to be parked in front of our hotel that could take the rest of us to the restaurant. Needless to say, the first half was pretty shocked when we showed up.

Wet Seal cardigan; Target button-down; Pacsun jeans; Thrifted belt; Not shown: Kohl's boots that I wear all the time.

Below is at the arcade in the Buckhorn said that I'm harmless.


Oh, and I made a deal with my friend that if he wore a coonskin cap all day Saturday, I'd dance on top of the bar in Coyote Ugly. He was a trooper and held up his end of the deal...and so I held up mine. Guess I'm not so harmless after all? Supposedly there's photographic and video proof, but I'm hoping it never hits the internet. You guys don't want to see all that awkwardness, trust me.


Hope you all had a great MLK day!


  1. What a fun weekend and I love your casual, but pretty outfit.

  2. Pimping it up in a limo. Nice. Also when you visited the Alamo did you find the basement? :P

  3. Did you have a breakfast burrito? When I went to San Antonio that was a big thing that the locals were stressing!

  4. Oh my gosh! Bar dancing and coonskin caps sounds like pretty much the best weekend ever. I'm jealous over here.


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