Sunday, February 27

Springtime in New Mexico

Springtime in NM

Springtime in NM

Springtime in NM
American Eagle shirt; Pacsun jeans; Payless flats; Tiffany necklace (gift).

Ah, springtime in New Mexico. This is from a few days ago when it was warm enough to wear a slouchy t-shirt and flats. Today, however, I only left the house once, but I had to wear my heavy jacket, a scarf, and boots. Not cool.

Anyway, this weekend I:
  • Planted willow trees by the Rio Grande. Which would have been awesome if I didn't have a wicked headache from the night before. From all the networking I did, if you know what I mean.

  • Went to Five Guys for the first time. Which totally cured that headache.

  • Picked up trash in a field (it was a community service kind of weekend for the organizations that I'm in). Fun things found were 3 tires, a syringe, and more broken beer bottles than you can imagine. Also, no buried treasure.

  • Ate fried pickles. This actually might have been the highlight of the whole weekend.

  • Studied fun things like related party transactions, how to convert operating leases into capital leases, and deferred taxes. You know you're jealous.

  • And watched the Oscars. While I should have been studying the above fun things.
What did you do this weekend?

Thursday, February 24

Business Casual


Halogen jacket (thrifted); Target tank and skirt; Charlotte Russe heels; Necklace from street vendor in Santa Fe.

Are you tired of me wearing this necklace? Because it goes with everything somehow, so I don't care.

I dress professionally about once a week when I have my honor society meetings. Those are at night, so by the time I change it's usually dark already. But I took pictures early so you guys could see this outfit! You're welcome.

This jacket was $5 at Savers, and I had a hard time styling it at first. I thought it'd look good with pants, but I wasn't a big fan of it. However, I'm a firm believer that everything looks good with a pencil skirt. And I was right once again.

Anyway, hope you guys have an awesome weekend! I'll be spending mine studying for midterms (boo!).

Tuesday, February 22

Also, my legs are not sunburnt.



Banana Republic shirt; Maurices shorts; DKNY tights; Payless flats; Necklace from street vendor in Santa Fe.

So it turns out, when you live in a small town you get some strange looks when you wear colored tights. I wanted to tell them, "Hello people, red tights* are perfectly okay in bloggy land and other places outside of southern New Mexico. Don't worry about it. Also, my legs are not sunburnt. And you are not funny."

Okay maybe a little funny, but not original for sure.

*They're actually the same ones that I wore here, but then I layered them over black ones so they ended up a more maroon-y shade.

Oh well. I also finally got myself a stripe-y shirt, even though it's been like a month since Breton Stripes day. I also don't own any polka dots, and the polls are showing those will be next. Looks like I have an excuse to go shopping.

Monday, February 21

Presidents' Day



Maurices cardigan; American Eagle tank and jeans; Payless flats; Necklace from street vendor in Santa Fe.

The weather's been gorgeous here lately, but unfortunately, windy. Hence the crazy-ish hair. I'll take it though for 70 degree weather.

This weekend I:
  • Went to a Jafra party. I always tell myself I'm not going to buy stuff at those kinds of things, but I ended up getting bronzer, lipstick, and make up primer. After trying them, I'm not sure how I ever lived without them.
  • Saw The King's Speech. Which was fantastic. I highly recommend.
  • Played Dance Central for xbox Kinect. And realized I'm kind of awful at it. But I did it with some guy friends who were highly entertaining to watch.
  • Ate a lot of pizza. And a lot of doritos. And girl scout cookies. I should probably eat only salad this week.
  • Put together a blogroll and the new links on the side* (courtesy of the boy).
Here are the things I didn't do this weekend:
  • Cook
  • Clean
  • Do laundry
  • Do homework
I'm also very jealous of those of you who have 3-day weekends. But I guess not that much because I have Fridays off, and therefore 3-day weekends every weekend.

Oh well. How's your Presidents' Day weekend?

*I'm still working on an about me page, so that's why it's currently blank.

Thursday, February 17



Express t-shirt; Pacsun jeans; Payless shoes; Thrifted scarf; Watch gift from my mom.

Thank goodness it's Thursday. They're like my Fridays, but also my longest days of the week. I'm usually at school from around 10 to 4:30, and then I have honor society-related stuff from 6 to almost midnight sometimes. It's dinner, then our meeting, then the bar (which is hard work too, okay? It's called networking).

Anyway, do you ever have those days where you really just want to wear jeans and a t-shirt? Well I have that every day. But I'm finding that just by adding an accessory like a vintage scarf, it looks like I actually put some thought into what I was wearing.

But between you and me, I just picked the one on top of the pile.

Tuesday, February 15

It's complicated.

It's complicated.

It's complicated.

It's complicated.
Wet Seal dress; Target tights; Kohl's boots; Truche necklace.

So despite my mopey-ness Sunday night, I had a really amazing Valentine's day with the-boy-formerly-known-as-the-boyfriend (referred to hereon as 'the boy'). If you're confused...well, join the club. If my facebook relationship status was truthful, instead of single it would say 'it's complicated'. Because it is.

At the risk of going into too much personal detail though, I'll just stick with telling you how Monday went.


I woke up to doritos and yellow tulips on my car before I went to they gym. Anyone can do roses and chocolates, but yellow is my favorite color, and I could seriously eat salsa verde doritos with every meal.

After I got back home, I read the card and all it said was (The video doesn't work on internet explorer just so you guys know.) Hands down, coolest thing anyone has ever done for me.

And then after I spent all day at school grinning like an idiot, I went to the boy's house that night for wine and cupcakes. It was like a first date almost. Like starting over.

Anyway, I'll try to talk about my outfit next time instead of my relationship ups and downs. And how was YOUR Valentine's day? Please tell me you bought chocolate on sale today.

Sunday, February 13

The best part about Valentine's Day?



Target sweater, necklace and shoes; Pacsun jeans; Thrifted purse.

Chocolate is going to be on sale Tuesday, people.

So I had this whole post typed out how hard the past few weeks have been, how school and work are overwhelming me, and how on top of everything else, I'm single this Valentine's Day.

But then I deleted it. Because as much as I like complaining and moping around...I have better things to do. And I'm sure you have things that you'd rather hear about. Happier things. Also, I love this blog, and I've missed it and you all. I'm still figuring out my priorities, but I'm gonna try real hard to squeeze some kind of regular blogging into my schedule.

So anyway, onto the outfit. These shoes are about a half-size too small but I love them anyway. Also, this sweater is the same that I wore here and here, just in a different color. I have a bad habit of buying multiples like that, but they were only $4!

Oh, and I kind of gave up on the shopping ban for February. I'm calling it therapy though, so hopefully you guys are supportive. I just discovered the Savers in my town, and I'm obsessed. Expect a post soon showing my recent hauls.

Finally, a big thank you to those of you who told me through comments, twitter, and formspring that I was missed. You guys are the best.