Thursday, July 28

And now we wait



Old Navy dress; Thrifted flats.

Ohmygoodness, could you guys be any more sweet? Seriously, thank you guys again so so much for all your encouragement for my test on Tuesday. Now to the part you're all wondering (or at least I'm pretending that you are)..How did it go?

Pretty well I think. I finished an hour and a half early and I didn't cry or throw up at all, which are all good signs. Unfortunately, scores aren't released until September, so all I can really do now is wait. Oh yeah, and study for the next part that I'm taking on August 31. The fun never ends around here.

Anyway, I originally had more accessories in mind when I was getting dressed, but it's just too dang hot today. Piling on any more than necessary just does not sound appealing when I have to be outside for more than 3 minutes at a time. Do you guys get like that in the summer at all?

Monday, July 25

You guys are awesome


As most of you guys know, I'm sitting for my first part of the CPA exam tomorrow! I'm pretty nervous but I'm mostly just looking forward to getting it over with.

I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your encouragement in the comments lately and also on twitter. You guys are awesome and the support is definitely appreciated.

I'm off to panic study some more. I'll be back later this week!

Thursday, July 21




Thrifted top and belt; Express jeans; Kohl's necklace; Target wedges.

There's a special addition of Everybody, Everywear going on today where everyone is showing off their favorite thrifted items. I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to focus on and finally narrowed it down to this silk shirt.

Tops like these usually don't have a lot of hanger appeal because of how boxy they are. But they're actually pretty versatile and oh-so comfortable. I mean, why isn't everything I own made of silk? That's right, because I'm poor. Thank goodness for thrift stores.

Thrift | Everybody, Everywear

Wednesday, July 20

How to get an outfit for $4



Charlotte Russe t-shirt; American Eagle jeans; Thrifted belt; Tiffany necklace (gift); Heels (free) from garage sale.

How to get an outfit for $4:

1) Buy t-shirt on sale for $3
2) Convince your mom that her jeans are too short for her, let her give them to you.
3) Befriend an awesome old lady at garage sale. Listen to her complain that no one is buying her shoes. Let her give several pairs to you.
4) Thrift belt for $1.

Tuesday, July 19

Three ways to wear: shorts and a t-shirt

Also see: how to wear the same thing every day and have it be socially acceptable.

Basically, when I'm home all day by myself studying, the last thing I really want to think about is getting dressed, so I almost always grab a white v-neck and a pair of shorts. But every once in a while I venture out to Walmart, or Chili's, or some other fine establishment in town where I want to look a little more put together. Enter: accessories. And no one knows the difference.

20/22 Old Navy shorts; Thrifted scarf; Target flats.

21/22 Old Navy shorts (that I still need to hem); Aeropostale scarf; Target flats.

22/22 Old Navy shorts; Thrifted belt and shoes; Necklace borrowed from Mom.

Monday, July 18

Bowing out early



19/30 Target button-down; Gap (thrifted) shorts; Thrifted scarf and shoes.

I was originally going to try and recreate this adorable outfit that I saw over on A Pretty Penny, but these shorts are pretty high-waisted, and not in a cute way (mom-shorts come to mind), so I left the shirt untucked, and I ended up liking how it looked with the scarf belting the shirt instead of the shorts.

In other news, I'm toying with the idea of ending the 30 for 30 a little early. It's just been hard this summer while studying and all I want to wear is easy, comfy outfits, and it's been difficult to do so with a limited closet. I'm thinking I'll do another three ways to wear post and that'll be it, so it'll be more of a 27 for 22, since I haven't worn all the items yet anyway. It doesn't have as nice of a ring to it, but I hope you'll forgive me anyway.

In other other news, 8 days until I take FAR*, eeeeek!

*That's the Financial Accounting and Reporting portion of the CPA case you're not an accountant and also can't read my mind.

Wednesday, July 13

The grass is always greener



18/30 Old Navy button-down; Express jeans; Target wedges; Thrifted belt; Charlotte Russe necklace.

This is the golf course behind my parent's house. Now you know why I was so in awe of how green Tennessee was.

In other news, something about the summer (and probably the studying too) makes me want to put the least amount of effort possible in doing my hair. During the school year I rarely wore my hair up, but it's just been so much easier to do so lately. (This tutorial from Keiko Lynn is my favorite if you are hair-challenged like I am)

Tuesday, July 12

My favorite color



17/30 Maurices cardigan; Pacsun tank; Old Navy skirt; Target flats; Charlotte Russe belt.

Yellow is my absolute favorite color, so I was really excited that it was this month's EBEW. Check out the link to see how everyone else is wearing it today!

In other news, I finally scheduled my first exam today, and it's in two weeks exactly! I have probably a little less than a week's worth of new material to go over, and then that gives me a week to review everything. I'm terrified, but really excited to get it over with.

Monday, July 11

Really exciting



16/30 Target button-down and flats; Express dress; Kohl's necklace.

It's getting harder and harder to know what to write about as the summer goes on, and the more into my studying I get. I'm sure you guys would much rather me write about my outfit, or even something funny from my day, but all I have going on in my mind right now is the not-for-profit accounting that I'm spending my afternoon reading about. And the part that's not thinking about that, is going panicpanicpanicpanicpanicpanic because I'm taking my first exam in just a few weeks!

As you can tell, I'm really really exciting to be around now.

Thursday, July 7

Close enough



15/30 Banana Republic shirt; Thrifted skirt and belt; Payless wedges.

I came up with this outfit after seeing this lovely pin a while back. Close enough, yes? Still haven't heard of/got an account with pinterest? Let me know and I'll send you an invite!

Anyway, I probably should have ironed this skirt. I probably should have also gotten dressed earlier than 5 pm too...and maybe eaten something other than ice cream for lunch. I can still use summer vacation as an excuse though, right? It's almost a surprise I get dressed at all, although showering, getting dressed, and then blogging about it is a nice break from foreign currency translations.

Wednesday, July 6

Three ways to wear: blue pencil skirt

When I first thrifted this skirt I could only think of simple, professional ways to wear it. (Like with a white button-down, like I did with a dark purple skirt here) I included it in my 30 items, however, because I thought it had potential to be worn more ways, specifically more casually this summer.

Anyway, I liked doing the 'three ways to wear' post so much last week that I thought I'd do it again. Hope you enjoy it too!

12/30 Pacsun shirt*; Thrifted belt; Target wedges.

13/30 Charlotte Russe shirt; Target flats.

14/30 Express shirt; Thrifted scarf (worn as belt); Payless sandals.

I still feel like there are endless remixing opportunities with this skirt, especially once I have access to the rest of my closet after the challenge! (See also how Kendi has styled a similar skirt here and here)

*I also swapped out one of my cardigans for the t-shirt in the top outfit. (It's on sale here by the way) I'm not sure what I was thinking before because sweaters are the last thing I want to wear in this heat.

Monday, July 4

Fourth of July



11/30 Charlotte Russe shirt; Thrifted scarf (worn as belt); Target skirt and flats.

Happy 4th of July! I'd love to be able to say that I spent my holiday weekend doing fun things, but for the most part I spent it chained to my desk, reading about derivatives and hedging (jealous of my life much?). I do plan on at least catching a fireworks show though.

Anyway, I hope you have a fantastic holiday (or if it isn't a holiday for you, a fantastic day in general), and if you live in a dry area like I do, please pretty please be careful when shooting off fireworks!