Thursday, June 30

Socially acceptable



10/30 Target shirt; Old Navy shorts; Thrifted scarf; payless sandals.

Ever have one of those days where you don't feel like washing your hair, putting on makeup, or finishing turning those ripped pants into shorts (mostly because I can't decide what length to make them). Well, that's me today. I'd like to think that adding a scarf makes it socially acceptable though.

Wednesday, June 29

Name that candy bar


9/30 Thrifted dress and bag; Charlotte Russe belt; Payless wedges

This is another one of those pieces that I've considered hemming...I think it'd be super cute it if hit right above the knee, but maybe after the whole midi-length thing goes back out of style. What do you think?

I actually wore this a few days ago to a baby shower. Now I'm sure I'll want kids sometime down the road...but being around all things baby for a few hours pretty much confirmed that I don't want them anytime soon. I think the 'name that candy bar' game will do that to you...

Tuesday, June 28

Three ways to wear: black dress

It's easy to get into ruts when it comes to a particular piece of clothing. For example, I usually wear this black dress from Express with a belt and a simple necklace and that's it (example). Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I know that I'm really limiting myself by only wearing such a potentially versatile dress one way. So I'm taking a cue from Tania and sharing three other ways to wear it.

6/30 Thrifted scarf; Target flats.

7/30 Old Navy scarf; Target wedges.

8/30 Charlotte Russe necklace; Payless wedges.

This was probably the easiest remixing I've ever done; I just switched out one accessory and the shoes! (Have I mentioned how much I love scarves by the way?) I almost can't believe this dress has been in my closet this long and I hadn't really tried anything different until now. I'm sure you'll see several more ways to wear it as this challenge moves along!

Monday, June 27

Risk taking


5/30 Banana Republic shirt; Old Navy shorts; Thrifted scarf; Target wedges.

Can you believe it's almost July?? It honestly freaks me out because I swear just yesterday I was panicking how it was June already.

Anyway, I'm usually not much of a pattern-mixer, but I really liked pairing this printed scarf with something other than just a white v-neck. And I know I'm definitely not the first to wear florals with stripes or anything, but in my little hometown, I still felt like a risk taker.

Thursday, June 23

Knot it



4/30 Thrifted top and shoes; Old Navy dress; Bandaid.

I'd been dying to do the knotted-shirt-thing ever since I saw Kendi do it here, and then just the other day I saw Brittany from Try It On Me do it here. Anyway, I'm pretty much hooked now, and I'm glad to have even more ways to remix these Old Navy sundresses (the other two seen here and here).

P.S. Did you notice I'm wearing flats today (for the safety of my poor knees)? I wouldn't want to have to rock a bandaid on the other one too.

Wednesday, June 22

And then disaster struck.



3/30 Express v-neck; Old Navy pants; Thrifted belt and scarf; Payless wedges.

You guys left some awesome feedback yesterday for being better at walking in these wedges. Apparently though, I still haven't had enough practice because right in the middle of taking pictures for this outfit, disaster struck.

I completely busted in the middle of my driveway, and tore up my knee, and these pants. My knee is fine (I'll probably be rocking a band-aid tomorrow) but I'm not sure what to do about the hole in these pants....I'm thinking I'll try and convert them into shorts, but we'll see.

Anyway, I originally meant for this post to be about how awesome my headband is, and how I'm finally figuring out more ways to wear all the scarves that I've accumulated so...just focus on that I guess.

Tuesday, June 21

Fried pickles, and newborn giraffes



2/30 Thrifted top, bag and belt; Gap (thrifted) shorts; Payless wedges

I just accidentally deleted a post entirely about fried pickles....probably a good thing now that I think about it. Long story short, they're awesome.

Anyway, on to the outfit...for some reason this top reminds me of when they sing beauty school dropout in Grease. Also, these are probably my new favorite shoes but I sort of resemble a newborn giraffe when walking in them. I've never really had trouble with heels before, but somehow these make my center of gravity off...any tips? They're super comfy otherwise, but I just feel like I have to concentrate on not falling way more than usual, which is not so fun.

Monday, June 20

Thirty Items

I'm only a week late posting these, but better late than never, right? These are the items that I'm going to be using for Kendi's 30 for 30 challenge to make 30 different outfits. (I've already posted my first outfit here.) I still haven't decided if I'm going to put myself on a shopping ban yet as well...although I'm sure my bank account would appreciate if I did.

Anyway, I know the suspense has been killing you:









Sunday, June 19

Father's Day


I'm no writer for Hallmark or anything, but Happy Father's Day to the smartest, funniest guy I know. You really are the greatest, love you!!

Saturday, June 18

Deep in the heart of Texas


I accidentally fell off the face of the (blogging) world for a few days there...just got back from a spur of the moment second vacation to Austin, TX. It's been a fun past few days but needless to say I'm pretty tired of being in a car. I'm definitely glad to be back though and ready to start pumping out some outfit posts again. (Also, my 30 for 30 items....working on it.)

Monday, June 13

The color green, and other foreign concepts



1/30 Thrifted top, belt and bag; Target skirt; Payless sandals

First things first: HOLY CRAP LOOK HOW GREEN IT IS IN TENNESSEE. You have to understand, I'm from New Mexico, which most of the time is varying shades of brown. Things like trees everywhere and (gasp!) moisture in the air are kind of foreign concepts to me.

Moving on, this is my first 30 for 30 outfit, but seeing as I'm still on my way back home from vacation, I won't have my 30 items posted until tomorrow or so. Which means I should probably finish figuring out what those items are...

Friday, June 10

Road Trippin'




Visiting Tennessee for the next 4 or 5 days, so I will see you all next week sometime with my 30 for 30 picks. Also, if you ever go on a road trip with me, just know I'll be wearing a snuggie in the car even if it's 95 degrees outside, and I'll also be eating my weight in junk food.

Wednesday, June 8




Pacsun tank; Old Navy skirt; Thrifted belt; Target wedges.

This skirt is kind of an odd color, which is why it hasn't gotten much wear so far. It's not quite grey, not quite purple. On the tag it says 'mauve', but I'm not sure if that's right either. In any case it goes with this tank at least, so that's good enough for me I guess.

In other news, I did Zumba last night with a bunch of middle-aged women and they seriously put me to shame...who knew I was that uncoordinated? Or that I could produce so much sweat in just an hour? (Too much sharing?)

Monday, June 6

Red, white & blue



Old Navy button-down and shorts; Payless sandals; Target necklace.

I'm seriously having a hard time believing it's June already...where is my summer going? Just a little less than 4 months from now I'll be (hopefully) done with most of the CPA exam and starting my new job. I'm looking forward to all that, but can time still go a little slower please?

Anyway, how many of you are doing the 30 for 30 starting next week? I participated in the fall when this blog was still brand-spankin' new and I'm pretty excited about doing it again. I don't however, plan on making as big of a deal with this one, with the counting down and all the recaps, which I realize can get a little annoying (especially if you're not participating in the challenge). I just like the idea of a challenge of putting together a month's worth of cute, different outfits with a limited closet and appreciating everything I do have even more once it's all over.

Thursday, June 2

post title



Thrifted silk shirt; Express jeans; Target wedges; Pacsun necklace (gift).

I think I'm just going to admit defeat and say that I have no idea what to write about other than I really like these flared jeans and I'm glad I finally got a pair.

Maybe it's because I have property, plant and equipment and non-accelerated depreciation methods on the brain instead...aren't you jealous of my life?