Monday, June 6

Red, white & blue



Old Navy button-down and shorts; Payless sandals; Target necklace.

I'm seriously having a hard time believing it's June already...where is my summer going? Just a little less than 4 months from now I'll be (hopefully) done with most of the CPA exam and starting my new job. I'm looking forward to all that, but can time still go a little slower please?

Anyway, how many of you are doing the 30 for 30 starting next week? I participated in the fall when this blog was still brand-spankin' new and I'm pretty excited about doing it again. I don't however, plan on making as big of a deal with this one, with the counting down and all the recaps, which I realize can get a little annoying (especially if you're not participating in the challenge). I just like the idea of a challenge of putting together a month's worth of cute, different outfits with a limited closet and appreciating everything I do have even more once it's all over.


  1. I'm doing it! But a little more casually this time too... Looking forward to seeing other people's ideas as I find it slightly more difficult to be creative with my outfits when it's too hot for layering & accessories.

  2. I love this top! Super cute.
    Even though I've abandoned my "personal style blog" I might do it just for fun too. I like a challenge!!  Can't wait to cheer you on!!!!

  3. You look like you're ready to have some summer fun! :) 

    I wish I could do the 30 for 30, but I am just a sucky planner... maybe when things are more stable with me and cooler, I'll take the plunge!

  4. This outfit is so summery, I love it!! And very patriotic too :) I'm not going to do the 30 for 30 this round. I've done it twice, and while I may change my mind later I think I've learned that I'm a happier person when I have my whole closet to work with. It seems silly, but I just miss my other clothes too much! I'm looking forward to seeing other people participate though, because I'm always inspired by what they come up with!

  5. Have you taken any of the exam yet?

  6. Good luck in your exam!
    I was just thinking about trying the 30 for 30 this time. I'm just a little nervous but I think it would be a good experience and I'm always up for a challenge.

  7. Oh I know - why does summer insist on flying by?
    Good luck on your exam!
    and Loving the red gingham - so summery!

  8. Not yet, my plan is to take FAR in mid-july and then try to squeeze both AUD and REG in August.

  9. CPA exam - you will do great, I just know it! Cute Outfit! I am doing the 30X30 and I-am-so-nervous-but-excited!

    Love the red and white gingham and CUTE sandals! Are they from Payless??

    xo Nav

  10. I'm doing the 30 for 30 this time around, too. It'll be the third one I've done (first for this blog) so it should be fun. Even with my vacation right smack dab in the middle! Also, I'm sending you an early bit of luck for your CPA exam. I'm sure you'll nail it!

  11. perfect casual summer outfit!! cannot wait to see what you do for the summer 30 for 30.


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