Wednesday, June 8




Pacsun tank; Old Navy skirt; Thrifted belt; Target wedges.

This skirt is kind of an odd color, which is why it hasn't gotten much wear so far. It's not quite grey, not quite purple. On the tag it says 'mauve', but I'm not sure if that's right either. In any case it goes with this tank at least, so that's good enough for me I guess.

In other news, I did Zumba last night with a bunch of middle-aged women and they seriously put me to shame...who knew I was that uncoordinated? Or that I could produce so much sweat in just an hour? (Too much sharing?)


  1. Cute combo - the tank is so fun!

    I've tried Zumba with similar results... it's fun, but it's clear the hips passed to me by generations of hardy Dutch people are just not made to move like that.

  2. I love your old Navy skirt. I bought a Groupon a few weeks ago for it I think it may be time to hit it up :)

  3. I like Zumba.  You don't have to be coordinated, as long as you have fun.

  4. That's weird that the tag says mauve... isn't mauve a pinkish shade? Your skirt doesn't look pink at all. Anyway, no matter what color it is, I love it! I like how it has a darker band of color on the bottom,  it's a nice detail. I think it goes great with that fun top!

  5. Zumba is totally the new yoga. I need to get on this bandwagon before Madonna and Gwyneth run it into the ground. 

  6. I linked up your blog in my latest post! I had to give you some credit for the amazing ideas you had been sharing with me lately ;)

    I LOVE ZUMBA! and yoga too :) You will get better trust me, the more you do it the funner (?) it gets :)

    xo Nav

  7. I'm starting to wonder if were on the same wavelength when it comes to skirts because I have the same one but in black/gray and black/khaki. :P

  8. i love the print of that tank. so fun! and i actually kinda love the color of your skirt.

    and i hear a lot of people get pwned by zuma. lol

    caroline - pictures & words

  9. That skirt is cute, even though I am not sure what color it REALLY is :) and yep, it goes with the tank, so who cares? hahaha. 

    I've been wanting to do Zumba for a while now, but I. Can't. Dance. Like seriously. I don't know how I'm even able to walk. 

  10. I think the skirt is cute, dont get hung up on the color, I think it would pair well with anything you'd normally wear with grey - I'd go for some mustard yellow!

  11. Haha, sounds like we both just have awesome taste!

  12. 1. I love the shirt; I think you could do a million things with it. I'm sure you do, which is why you bought it.
    2. I would bust out yellow with that skirt...especially a mustard color. (Why is it easier to imagine what I would wear with your clothes than mine?)
    3. I take Zumba classes at my gym. The greatest and most humbling experience of my life. :D


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