Sunday, October 31

A first!

So I've been thinking about this for a while now, and I decided that the month of November would be a perfect time to do my first 30 for 30. Kendi hinted at doing one soon, but if anything I'll just have an early start. Plus Molly's been doing one for a few days now, so I won't be completely alone.

I also think this is the perfect thing to pair with No(shopping)vember. And then in December I'll have developed a new found respect for the clothes that I already have or go on a crazy shopping spree. We'll see what happens. I'm definitely up for the challenge.

So if you don't know the rules, I'm gonna be using 30 articles of clothing to make 30 different outfits in the month of November. Jewelry, belts, etc, don't count. PJs and gym clothes don't count (not that I go to the gym...but I should). Underclothes don't count. And jackets don't count (it is November after all).

That's it I think. Ideally, I'll be so creative with mixing these 30 items that no one will even notice.

Here are my items:

My only concern is that I chose too many shoes. I just had a really hard time narrowing it down anymore, so I gave up and kept them. I think I'm going to reserve the right to trade out one of them for another article, IF I haven't worn them yet at that point.

That's it I think! I hope you enjoy, but mostly that you don't even hardly notice that I'm wearing the same clothes over and over.

Fall Fashion Seven

Happy Halloween everyone!! This week has been so awesome, I've absolutely loved seeing everyone's outfits, and all the comments I've gotten have been so inspiring!

I'm not an expert costume maker, but I refuse to spend $50 on a super skimpy costume. I'm happy to say this year I only spent $3 on a fabric marker.

Top-Wet Seal
Socks and oxfords-Target

Charlie Brown is my absolute favorite. I was so excited when I found It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown on hulu last night. Add a bag of candy corn, and I'm definitely happy. Does anyone else have any fun Halloween traditions?

Saturday, October 30

Fall Fashion Six

I can't believe how warm it is today! We went to the Homecoming Parade this morning and it was too warm to even wear my boots! I'll definitely add a sweater and tights to this outfit when I go out tonight. (It's always cold at night here)

Dress-Wet Seal
Boots(it's hard to tell but they're grey)-Charlotte Russe

I usually never know how to wear scarves, but I just tied the ends together on this one so it became a loop. Super easy!

I've decided in addition to No(shopping)vember, I'm also going to attempt to do No(eating out)vember. Not only do I eat healthier when I'm at home, but eating out definitely takes a toll on my bank account. (The overall goal for the month is to save up for when I go to San Francisco during Christmas break.) Plus I need to appreciate all the clothes (and food for that matter) that I already own. Are you guys doing anything similar for November?

Friday, October 29

Fall Fashion Five

Good news everyone. I wore the grey suit yesterday. We must be thinking on the same wavelength. Yesterday was so exhausting, I left for the airport at 6:30 am and didn't get back home until 2 am. I seriously have the best job ever you guys, I'm so excited to start it next fall.

Today has been a lazy, comfortable kind of day. I spent most of my afternoon shopping with some good friends (no more of that after Sunday), and I picked up some jewelry from AE and Charlotte Russe.

Top-Banana Republic
Tree Necklace-Roxy

My room is pretty messy...sorry about that.

Tonight my plan is to do some homework and finish my Halloween costume. It's gonna be awesome, I can't wait to show you guys!

Wednesday, October 27

Fall Fashion Four

Today (Thursday) the accounting firm that I'll be working at after graduation is flying me out to their office for a visit. So I don't know if you'd call what I'm wearing fall fashion so much as just a suit. (I promise I'll wear something more interesting on Friday)

I'm still debating between grey and grey one has been dry-cleaned the most recently, and I already wore my black one when I interviewed with them. The black one has awesome shoulder pads though. Decisions, decisions. (I did, however, decide on a great pink shirt, I feel weird if there's no color in my outfit)

Both jackets and matching pants are from Express. Top is from Banana Republic.

What do you think? Unfortunately, by the time you respond it will probably be too late and I'll more than likely have just grabbed the one closest to me. I'm waking up at the crack of dawn to drive to the airport, and I probably won't be conscious enough then to look at any comments until after I even get there. (They are definitely always appreciated though!)

Fall Fashion Three

Today's post is brought to you by Photo Booth. My roommate's camera has disappeared from her usual hiding spot, and I'm still debating on buying a camera myself, or waiting until Christmas. It'll be my last Christmas as a student, so I figure I better milk it for all it's worth before I'm officially a 'grown up'.

I really liked this dress when I tried it on at F21, until I took it home and it seemed about 6 inches shorter than when I was in the dressing room. Thank goodness for leggings, especially when the built-in slip is way shorter than the sheer layer. I love leggings because, to quote Kendi, they are not quite pants, but you are not quite naked.

Dress-Forever 21
Belt-Charlotte Russe
Boots-Kohl's (different from yesterday's, I finally went and bought myself a pair)
Cardigan(see below)-Old Navy
Purse(see below)-Pacsun

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday, October 26

Fall Fashion Two

First of let me say it was so much fun yesterday seeing everyone's fall fashion! I had been wanting to start blogging for a while now, and I've already been so inspired by everyone's sweet comments! (Even with my cell phone pics)

Today I borrowed my roommate's camera, so these are way less blurry than yesterday. I still don't have a tripod, so I used a tv tray with textbooks stacked on it...classy.

Shirt-Wet Seal
Belt-Charlotte Russe
Skirt and Socks-Target
Boots-Borrowed from a friend, actually, but originally from Target

On a side note, I'm also loving how my hair turned out today. I've been using this tutorial from The Daybook, and I've been having great hair days ever since.

Can't wait to look at everyone else's day two of fall fashion week!

PS, I just realized this pictures look a lot better when you click on them and make them bigger. I'll have to figure out how to make them bigger next time so you can see more details (I'm not very computer literate, unfortunately, but I'll ask the boyfriend for help).

Monday, October 25

Fall Fashion One

I did promise an outfit post, but unfortunately they are of the crappy cell phone variety.

It turns out the boyfriends camera (it's a flip video) only records video as it's title suggests, and it is way too much of a pain to try to create stills from them. So, here we are. I might just buy myself a camera and forget about waiting until Christmas. Any recommendations?

Sweater and belt-Maurices
Skirt-Old Navy

It's really not cool enough here for fall fashion, but I just couldn't wait to bust out the tights and boots.

Sunday, October 24


With only a week left until No(shopping)vember, I of course, went shopping. I'm on the hunt for some brown boots, but it's harder than you'd think. (I'm picky)

I found these online at Target, which are exactly what I'm looking for, and only $30, but they only had the black ones in the store. I'm debating between ordering them online or looking elsewhere this week.

Instead today, I bought knee-high socks to wear with the boots that I have yet to buy, maroon tights, and a $2 belt from the little boys section of Ross. I'd also like to buy more sweaters this week, but I'm trying not to over do the cold weather apparel, since I'm moving to a place after graduation where it's an average of 70 degrees in December (not that it gets too much cooler here).

In other news, the boyfriend is lending me his camera until christmas, so outfit posts should be coming this week! The plan is to participate in:

(Who doesn't love prizes?)

Sunday, October 17


My name is Lydia. I'm a grad student, future CPA, and as the name of this blog suggests, I love clothes and shopping. I spend a good chunk of my day thinking about outfits to put together, and yes, there are spreadsheets to aid this.

There will hopefully be plenty of outfit pictures to follow, and hopefully a decent camera one of these days.
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