Saturday, October 30

Fall Fashion Six

I can't believe how warm it is today! We went to the Homecoming Parade this morning and it was too warm to even wear my boots! I'll definitely add a sweater and tights to this outfit when I go out tonight. (It's always cold at night here)

Dress-Wet Seal
Boots(it's hard to tell but they're grey)-Charlotte Russe

I usually never know how to wear scarves, but I just tied the ends together on this one so it became a loop. Super easy!

I've decided in addition to No(shopping)vember, I'm also going to attempt to do No(eating out)vember. Not only do I eat healthier when I'm at home, but eating out definitely takes a toll on my bank account. (The overall goal for the month is to save up for when I go to San Francisco during Christmas break.) Plus I need to appreciate all the clothes (and food for that matter) that I already own. Are you guys doing anything similar for November?


  1. CUTE!
    And what awesome goals! Super hard for sure. Eating out is so easy and convenient sometimes.

  2. Love the scarf and what a great trick!

  3. very nice print combo! simple and soooo cute!


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