Sunday, October 31

Fall Fashion Seven

Happy Halloween everyone!! This week has been so awesome, I've absolutely loved seeing everyone's outfits, and all the comments I've gotten have been so inspiring!

I'm not an expert costume maker, but I refuse to spend $50 on a super skimpy costume. I'm happy to say this year I only spent $3 on a fabric marker.

Top-Wet Seal
Socks and oxfords-Target

Charlie Brown is my absolute favorite. I was so excited when I found It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown on hulu last night. Add a bag of candy corn, and I'm definitely happy. Does anyone else have any fun Halloween traditions?


  1. An inexpensive outfit is definitely the best. I always like the challenge of trying to make an outfit from clothes I own.

  2. Creative! I love that you did that with a marker. :o)

  3. This is so cute!! I'm all for creative, DIY Halloween costumes. I refuse to spend a fortune on slut-tastic pre-made ones!

  4. Haha, cute! I like it! I'm all for making your own costume--it's more fun and individual than buying a costume from a bag.

  5. girl you gotta check out my son on my blog, all i can say is great minds think alike!

    love the outfit!

  6. Aw, LOVE it! I'm all about DIY-ing my costume. I agree -- paying a ton of money for something that will barely cover my booty is not my idea of fun. ;]

    You look super cute!


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