Wednesday, October 27

Fall Fashion Four

Today (Thursday) the accounting firm that I'll be working at after graduation is flying me out to their office for a visit. So I don't know if you'd call what I'm wearing fall fashion so much as just a suit. (I promise I'll wear something more interesting on Friday)

I'm still debating between grey and grey one has been dry-cleaned the most recently, and I already wore my black one when I interviewed with them. The black one has awesome shoulder pads though. Decisions, decisions. (I did, however, decide on a great pink shirt, I feel weird if there's no color in my outfit)

Both jackets and matching pants are from Express. Top is from Banana Republic.

What do you think? Unfortunately, by the time you respond it will probably be too late and I'll more than likely have just grabbed the one closest to me. I'm waking up at the crack of dawn to drive to the airport, and I probably won't be conscious enough then to look at any comments until after I even get there. (They are definitely always appreciated though!)


  1. I feel like the top one is definitely right! It looks very business like! That's how I feel :) haha.

  2. I hope that you picked grey, but the black is classic and chic too! Have a great trip... Or since you're probably reading this late... hope you had a great trip.

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  3. love this look and love your hair. what a cute cut.

  4. Both looks are spiffy. I like the color of the shirt underneath.

  5. Grey! Definitely grey! I hope the trip goes well.

  6. Congrats -- I hope it goes well!

    Oh, jackets... Honestly, I like both. Good choice on the pink though -- I NEED color too!


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