Thursday, September 29

Pre-1st day of work post


Kohl's t-shirt; Old Navy skirt; Walmart flats; Self-made bracelets.

This is a quickly written post because the Starbucks I'm at is about to close and I'm too poor for Internet at home just yet.

Just a few more days though until I start work! I'm most nervous about the silly little things, like what to wear and what bag to bring than the actual job itself. Dressing for a new job is always a little nerve-racking, even though I've visited the office before and have seen what people wear. I'm probably way over-thinking it too, but no one wants to be too dressy, or too casual, or stand out too much.

Maybe it's just the term business casual that stresses me out, because there are so many different interpretations of it (all you have to do is do a google search to see that some people include mini-skirts in that definition for some reason). Of course working for an accounting firm means I'll be at the conservative end of the spectrum, but it's still not always completely obvious what's acceptable sometimes.

I have a feeling I'm gonna spend a lot of time in my closet this weekend regardless, but any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated too :)


  1. In my case, I always prefer to overdress for any occasion rather than underdress. I always get complements about how nice I look because I don't dress sloppy ever, always a little better than the situation warrants.

    If all else fails, do a cute blouse and a pencil skirt!

  2. Hummm, when in doubt, add a blazer?
    Love the color block skirt, and good luck with the new job!

  3. Maybe a coloured pencil skirt and a printed blouse? Fun, yet not over the top!

  4. What an exciting time for you, enjoy it.  You're going to rock the job and the outfit.

  5. Can't go wrong with pencil skirts, cardigans, shift dresses, trench coats & ballet flats ...
    PS love this skirt!
    Kelly @ 
    Elegantly Academic

  6. I've got also the same concern recently. It's so hard to dress for work. I wrote a post recently about it, with some ideas of what to wear for the office, you can check it out in my blog if you want :)

    Be Indie, Be Trendy


  7. Dressing for work is a battle I fight every single morning. But I've learned that you can never go wrong with pencil skirts (all prints and colors!) and fitted button ups. Throw some killer heels in there (office appropriate of course) and you've got my work uniform. Oh..and blazer, can't forgot those!

    Good luck on your first day! It must be so so exciting :):)


  8. Day 1: Suit

    Day 2- Infinity: Black pants, button up

    Bag: A purse that holds your wallet, keys and phone (you'll get a Brief Bag at orientation)
    Don't worry, come February, clothes will be the last thing on your mind.  Big 4 ain't a fashion show.  Invest in a steamer.

  9. I'm thinking it would probably be wise to err on the conservative/modest side, especially your first few days, until you get the feel for what's appropriate.  Have fun with it!!

  10. I love the tee and skirt, though I probably wouldn't have worn them on a first day. You will get to know the office and what you can/can't wear.
    My office is supposed to be "professional" wear but people violate it all the time. Today is business casual and I'm wearing wedges, cuffed skinny jeans, and a flowy top. I'm younger than 100% of everyone who works in this building, so I get away with more. :)

  11. How exciting! I can't wait to see what you whip up. I never had to actually dress up for work before.. I've been lucky to work in places where I don't really have a stringent dress code. 

  12. Good luck at your new job! Everyone's nervous when they first start a new job, but it passes quickly.

    "Business casual" is such an awful term--what does that even mean? I have a lot of suit separates that can be combined in dozens of different ways by adding simple pieces like cardigans or basic camis. When I need a full suit, I wear the jacket and pants together, otherwise I wear them separately with more youthful items. I also love Victoria's Secret suit pants because they won't wrinkle no matter how long I've been sitting.

  13. I know exactly what you mean about the term business casual. It's so vague! In my experience if it goes down to your knees and covers your shoulders it will be fine. For the first day I would just try to be modest. Good luck!

    Girls Who Wear Pearls

  14. Have fun on your first day, Lydia!!! And I definitely think you should go with your intuition; your outfits have always been amazing! And if you stand out because of them, so be it! Everyone will secretly want to be you.

  15. My first day isn't until Monday, so no worries, I definitely won't wear a t-shirt :) 

  16. Thanks!  That's actually really good advice, I really like blazers, I just wish it was less than 100 degrees here so wearing them was more tolerable.

  17. Thanks!  I'll keep VS pants in mind...I always forget that they have clothes too!  

  18. Well I definitely love this outfit, with the graphic tee and classic skirt. I'm sure whatever you wear on your first day, you'll look great! Maybe go with something classic, but add fun shoes or a fun accessory to make it more "you". 

  19. I love t-shirts with skirt, but I can never seem to get the look right. I think this looks great though.
    God I think dressing for the first day is the hardest. I would go with something REALLY simple like black button down and kaki's.I work in a 'business casual' environment, and (here) it mostly means, no denim, no tennis shoes, no t-shirt.
    Good luck with the new job I'm sure you'll do fine :)

  20. hi lydia! i'm a new follower and i'm loving your style! i'm just getting
    my feet wet in the blogging world so check me out if you have time, i'd
    love any advice you have to offer... ttfn, jenn

  21. Sorry, I got confused. Apparently, I'm half stupid... :) LOL!

  22. Are you going into public accounting or private accounting.  Just wondering!  My husband is pursuing his CPA right now and trying to figure out where to go in the future... Would love to hear more about your career path.  (I might the only nerd asking this lame-o question...)  :)


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