Sunday, April 17

Sneak Peek

This past week, and this weekend, and today, have all been craaaazy. Monday I have my Master's Oral Exam, and then a presentation in my audit class in the evening, so I've pretty much just been studying like a mad woman. I also have 5 papers, another presentation, and two final exams to look forward to in the next couple of weeks so I'm a tiny bit stressed.

Anyway, so all you get is a sneak-peek of an outfit post until most likely late Monday night.


Aren't you curious to know what's so exciting about the letter B? Stay tuned.


  1. what an adorable outfit! love the colors in that dress.

    i do not miss those days of countless hours in the library! keep going strong, it will be over soon! and take breaks! even short ones made all the difference for me! (and my sanity) good luck these next few weeks!

  2. You look so cute! Love that colors of the dress/cardy. You sound a bit frazzled but it sounds like you have it under control. Don't worry, you'll do great!

  3. I am loving that dress, too. Sooo cute! And now you've peaked my interest. I really want to know what that B is all about. Good luck with all of your schoolwork. You'll do fabulously!

  4. I hope your exam went well!!! Good luck with everything! What a pretty dress too!

  5. hope you aced all your exams :)

    that dress is pretty. i feel like i've seen it before somewhere...

    is the B a new accessory for your home?!


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