Friday, May 20

Adventures in power steering


Express cardigan; Old Navy dress; Thrifted belt and shoes.

These were taken in an airport, hence the not-awesome lighting. I have a story for you guys though, so I figured I may as well include outfit pictures too.

Anyway, on our way to the airport today (which is about 2 hours pick up my grandma), Selena (please tell me I'm not the only person who names their car) flashes the words 'power steering' at me, and which point the power steering just...dies. I don't usually think about different parts of my car (I usually assume she runs by magic), but apparently power steering is pretty important.

It wasn't so bad on the highway, but when we were slowed down and in the parking lot...holy moly that thing was hard to drive! It's probably because I don't go to the gym enough and have weak arm muscles, but the whole thing just really freaked me out.

Anyway, the moral of the story is to pay attention to recall notices that come in the mail. And if you drive a Chevy Cobalt or Pontiac G5, pay attention to that power steering.

Anyway, have a great weekend! [Insert witty comment here about the world ending]


  1. Yikes about your car, but good thing that it can be fixed. I'll just be dancing until the world ends, Brittney style. :P

  2.  Sounds like a workout!  I'm glad you survived that to make it to the weekend.  Unrelated, I love the print of that dress!!!

  3. That sounds super scary. I think that happened to me once (or am I totally imagining it? I remember something of the like...) and I totally freaked out. I never knew power steering would make such a big difference!

    I love all your cute summer dresses! :)

  4.  I'm glad you made it okay! I've never had to drive without power steering, but I've heard more than once it sucks! And I know I've said this before, but I love this dress! I'm wishing now I would have picked one up at Old Navy when they had it!

  5. oh, man!! that happened to me once when i was driving my parents' car at age like 17, and it was seriously tough to get home haha. glad you're ok!! p.s. SUPER cute purse (:

  6. Oh I am glad you made it back ok. I dont have to drive without power steering.

    But your dress is adorable and cute purse! xo Nav 

  7.  I had my power steering go out once... it's so scary! You need to be like... super woman to steer it, it's insane! 

    But anyway, your dress is super cute! ;)

  8.  i love your floral dress! so cute. perfect for picking up grandmas at the airport. also power steering is great. one of my favorite things.

  9. I love the dress, caridgan, belt combo and you make it so great!! what a cute airport outfit :)

  10. Love that dress...looks great on you!!

  11. Super cute dress and great story. Driving with no power steering and living to tell about it is quite remarkable. That is no easy thing! I hope you, grandma, and Selena are all okay.


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