Tuesday, September 20

Settling In


Wet Seal dress; Pacsun tank; Target shoes; Self-made bracelet.

Well, I'm all (mostly) moved in to my new apartment! I say mostly because I'm lacking some important things such as living room furniture, hence the very blank wall I'm standing in front of. My mom and the little brother are coming down this weekend though with a few more boxes of my stuff and hopefully that'll help make it feel a little more like home. Can't wait to show you guys pictures of everything!

So far I'm loving living in a place where there's so much to do! Definitely a welcome change from my hometown where the major place to go was Walmart.

In other news, I still have a couple weeks until I start working. Not much to do except obsessively refresh the page to see if my scores are posted yet...I'm thinking about making a reaction video when I do find out, what do you guys think?


  1. Live thatdress...great how you styled it with your brogues. I definitely think a reaction video is in order...
    Good luck!!:

  2. Vote 'yes' on the reaction video. Good luck with your results!
    Kelly @ Elegantly Academic

  3. Reaction video or not I am dying to know as well!!

  4. Congratulations on the job and the new place!

  5. Glad your move went well. It always takes a few weeks for things to settle after a move; you never have exactly what you need right away. Ooo, you should totally make a reaction video! What's worse--the endless waiting or all that studying you had to do before your exams?

    Thanks for commenting on my blog about my shift to make it a lifestyle blog. I'm not very fashionable anyway, so it still amazes me that I ended up a style blogger! :)

  6. I agree that you need to do a reaction video when you get your test scores! Hope we get to see pictures of your new place once it's all decorated.  :)

  7. Gorgeous dress, I love hte print !

  8. Reaction video is a must!!   Glad you're loving your new place!

    Cute dress!

  9. Yay, you're back! Nice to hear that you're ALMOST settled in :) Can't wait to see the pictures of your new place!

  10. That dress is SUPER cute!  Are you in the Phoenix area?  Perhaps a blogger meet up/thrift trip should take place.  And yes, a reaction video would be fun :)

  11. I sure am!  That would be awesome since I still have a little while before starting work and don't really know anyone around here :)

  12. A reaction video is a really cool idea! I'd love love love to see :) Looking gorgeous as always, hope you're settling in well!


  13. Oh the joys of trying to find furniture. I've lived in my current apartment for nearly two years and I still don't have half the furniture I need for my bedroom. I'm so awful at procrastinating about these kind of things.

    Beautiful, beautiful dress though. I love the pattern! And you should totally make the video!

  14. Cool Outfit. xx


  15. I LOVE that dress. Can't believe it is from wet seal. I don't think I've ever found anything that fab there.

    <3 Rachel


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