Tuesday, November 2


Have you voted today? I'm going to go do that as soon as I post this. I tried to do it this morning but I'm in a different precinct than I thought apparently, and so I had about 20 elderly people stare at me while I figured out where I was supposed to go.

(I wish you could tell in the pictures, but the skirts actually navy blue.)

I didn't notice until after I took these that I pushed my sleeves up, I have a tendency to do that even when it's cold out for some reason. I think it's because I have a too-short sleeve phobia, (along with a high-waters phobia). I think growing up it was an issue because I was so tall, although I stopped in middle school and have been 5'6 ever since. I'm actually the shortest one in my family now, but every once in a while I'll have to buy my jeans in a tall or a long. Do you guys ever have to do that? It's pretty annoying to be a different size everywhere I go.

I'm wearing fairly boring jewelry, but it's better than nothing. The leaf necklace is from F21 and the ring is from Pacsun I think.

Anyway, happy election day! I don't know about you, but I'm the most happy about not having my radio or hulu interrupted all the time from all the stupid ads.


  1. I love that striped shirt! And I couldn't agree more about the election ads--I'll be so happy not to hear them any more!
    I also have the same problem when it comes to buying clothes--why can't sizing be consistent? I'm the same height as you, and some places I'm a tall while other places the regulars are too long. This makes no sense!!! (Okay, rant over!)

  2. Love the leaf necklace! F21 is the best!
    And thank you for your sweet congratulations!!!

  3. I definitely have the size problem, especially pants. I am 5'8", and find that most pants are just a little too short, but the tall ones are too long most of the time. So I usually buy the tall ones and either cuff them or hem them.
    Good luck on your 30 for 30. I am thinking of joining in too.

  4. Samesies with the sleeves! It's not even that they're too long, because I'm only 5'4! I guess I just like my wrists to be unencumbered.

    PS. This outfit is super cute! I'm starting my 30 for 30 with Kendi!

  5. I have to buy jeans in stumpy - I mean short. And I took pics for my post tomorrow and SHOULD have pushed my sleeves up. We have opposite problems. But can we still be friends???

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!


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