Tuesday, December 21

All that sparkles

Wet Seal dress; Target tights and oxfords; American Eagle necklace

I meant to post this outfit a long time ago, but my posting schedule got all out of whack when I went on vacation. Here it is though, my holiday/end of the semester party outfit. It was actually a pretty casual party, but I've been dying for an excuse to wear these sparkly tights, so I just went with it.

Speaking of the end of the semester, I got a 4.0 this semester. Not that I'm trying to brag or anything, but I'm so excited about it because it's the first time I've gotten one since I was in high school. I was an honors student as an undergrad, but I never failed to get a B in at least one class (usually the easiest one) every semester. Now that I'm in grad school...there really aren't any easy classes, and so I think that's why I managed to get all A's. Make sense? Good.


  1. Those tights are so sparkly & festive! Perfect for the holidays.

    Congratulations on your 4.0! That's really impressive. :)

  2. I love the sparkles, especially that necklace. Congrats on the 4-point!

  3. Love love love that dress! :)

    And WOW, 4.0. Impressive! COngrats!!

  4. YAY 4.0! that's so impressive! i never got one in undergrad, either, but hopefully when i take the grad school plunge i can find my way again.

    also, you already knew that i would be 100% in love with those tights. you wore them because you knew i'd like them, didn't you? don't lie.

  5. Um, Hello! Congratulations! Super excited for you, and loving this super sparkly, exciting look. Hope you enjoyed the festivities!

  6. OH suh-NAP. Those are Target tights?! WAY too fab. You totally rocked them with that necklace.

    And look at you, miss straight-A's!! I guess shopping + spreadsheets is a killer combo after all ;)

  7. Congrats on your grades this semester! Also, those tights are super cute--I love how unusual they are! (haha, pretty much anything sparkly makes me happy :P )

  8. Oh my, oh my! Those sparkly tights are da bomb! And congrats on your amazing grades, you brainiac! ;) And happy holidays!


  9. I swear, if I'm having an awful day something sparkly will ALWAYS cheer me up. LOVE the tight!!

    Also? Big high five on the GPA!! Go you!!

    - Jill

  10. Congrats on your 4.0--that is awesome!! You deserve a shopping spree for that! And I love those tights--what a fun way to spruce up an LBD!

  11. OOOOOOOoooooo, your sparkle tights are such fun!
    Love the dress and congrats on all your hard work and amazing braininess.

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  12. I love the sparkly tights! Very fun and festive. Congrats on the 4.0. Gold star for you!

  13. That dress looks great on you and I love those sparkly tights...
    Congrats on the 4.0!!

  14. This is so fabulous!! I love the sparkle, those tights are too cute, and that necklace is great! And congrats on the 4.0! Ugh, I always did the worst in my easiest class too! :)


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