Friday, December 10

Packing is hard

Sweater-Wet Seal
Scarf and jeans-Aeropostale

We're leaving tomorrow for San Francisco, and I'm soooo excited!

Want to know what I'm not excited about though? Packing. I just have a really hard time committing to only taking certain things with me. It's only for 6 days, but what if I pack my cognac boots, and on day 4 I really really want to wear my black boots? Or what if I spill coffee on myself every morning and run out of clothes on day 3 because I only brought 6 outfits? It's a lot of pressure. Maybe if I think of it as a mini-30 for 30 it'll be easier. I'll call it 'However-many-items-Lydia-can-cram-in-a-suitcase-for-6.

Or maybe I'll just bring an empty suitcase and do a lot of shopping.

Speaking of shopping, since being done with the 30 for 30, I've bought one belt from Salvation Army for $1, and yesterday I bought paisley Steve Madden flats from Goodwill that might not go with anything but I don't care because they were $4. I also donated a big pile of clothes too.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Ugh, I always have that type of dilemma with packing. But you can totally do a mini 30for30... good idea to think of it that way - I'll have to remember that when it comes time for Christmas travel! Have a fun trip.

  2. Love this casual outfit on you....your waist looks so tiny belted (very jealous)!!!

  3. You look so great! I went on a little trip during my 30 for 30 and I loved just shoving all my items into a suitcase and knowing I could remix some great outfits. The experience is coming in handy!

  4. I'm trying a 30/30 again during the holidays, only with more clothing...which will suck for the people who read my blog because once more I'll be wearing the same stuff again...not the exact same stuff I'll be taking different stuff home.
    I hate packing because I always panic that I will forget something, or take the wrong stuff home.

  5. I am an AWFUL packer. It's kinda embarrassing. I always pack way too many clothes but it always seems I forget something essential like undies or my tooth brush then I have to make an impromptu trip to Walmart!

    I really love this outfit. The belted scarf is super cute!

  6. I am out of town for the weekend. For packing I was trying to do outfits, but then ended up throwing a bunch of things in on top. It was completely unsuccessful. I even had to bring an extra bag for shoes (thankfully we were driving).

  7. Yay belted scarf! Looks great!
    Oh my gosh, I am the worst packer EVER. I also do the whole run-through-ever-hypothetical-situation ever thing...but it's to the point where I'm like, "Maybe I should bring a black tie status dress, because who knows? Perhaps I'll be invited to some random gala." My hypothetical situations are rarely practical. I should just buy a small trailer and cart around my entire closet every time I go on a trip.

  8. You look great!! Adore the scarf!!


  9. Love this outfit, girl! We sound exactly alike on the whole packing thing! I despise it - I over-think everything & end up throwing a bunch of random clothes in! Lol.

    Have fun on your trip!!

    KF x

  10. Very adorable outfit! I have the same issues when packing for a trip. I'm always afraid I won't want to wear what I bring and end up being unhappy with pretty much everything I'm wearing. I'm glad I'm not the only one with this issue..

  11. Fabulous! I really love the belted scarf in this outfit! And San Francisco is so much fun! I have horrible time with packing these days! Haha, I think I would vote for an empty suitcase and lots of shopping! I hope you had fun! ;)


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