Wednesday, May 11




Express shirt; Thrifted skirt and belt; Target wedges; LinleyShea necklace.

I have no idea what this thing is that I'm standing on, but it's next to the library on campus and I was there today returning some books (only a week late). I'm pretty sure I've never turned in a library book in on time, but luckily for me, on campus they don't have fines.

Anyway, I thought to put these colors together after seeing this post by Kendi. I figured it was close enough. I've also never had a skirt this length before, it makes me feel very lady-like. I think part of getting older (and maybe the whole-getting a master's degree) makes me want to dress more modestly and over all more grown-up. Do you guys get like that too? At what point do you throw away the graphic t-shirts and mini-skirts? Not that I have a lot of those anyway, but still.


  1. I like your interpretation of Kendi's outfit. What kind of fabric is your skirt. Looks kinda shimmery in the pictures. As for graphic tees, I thought I was done with them and got rid of most of them 2 years ago But now I have amassed a collection of geeky/pop culture graphic tees. I guess some things will never change. :P

  2. Love the thrifted skirt. Looks darling on you!

  3. Love this thrifted skirt - beautiful color combo! Did you get my e-mail? Are you still interested?

  4. love love love LOVE this. The color combo looks fantastic on you, and it's such a flattering silhouette!

  5. I still love my mini skirts, but I definitely have started liking longer skirts more as a got older. It is probably because it is a lot easier to make them work appropriate.

  6. That shade of blue looks great on you! And love the length of the skirt. Very ladylike but still fun and flirty. Perfect for a summer's day!


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