Monday, May 16



H&M t-shirt; Old Navy pants; Target shoes.

There's nothing really special about this outfit except for the fact that my little brother is wearing the exact same colors. Forgive me for the lighting, but I couldn't help sharing. (We didn't plan it I swear)

So I'm back home for the summer until I start my new job in October. It's gonna take a little getting used to since it's been so long since I've lived with my parents. There's a lot of things like 'Do I have to make my bed?' 'Do I have a curfew?' that I'm still not sure of. Not that I'll really have to worry about the latter, because all I'm going to be doing is studying for the CPA exam anyway. That, and the fact that I don't have too many friends in my hometown = no social life.

In any case, it's definitely fantastic having home-cooked meals and not having to pay to do laundry. Oh yeah, and not being in school anymore? That's awesome too.


  1. haha Its a cute everyday outfit and love it when the sibling matches too :P

  2. It's cute that you match.  I lived at home the summer after I graduated from college, and it was strange but I survived!

  3. OMG your post totally made me laugh. You and your brother totally look like twinsies! He's just missing the hands-on-the-hip pose.

    And every once in awhile, I spend the night at my parents house (with P also) and I always have to remember to make my bed in the morning and I get scolded when I don't go to bed by 11pm. And then I have to do dishes and I can't be lazy and lounge around. It sucks and I feel your pain.

    Good luck with the CPA exam!

  4.  That's too funny that you guys were accidental twins--you look adorable! And try not to spend too much time studying and get a little fun in!

  5. Maybe they should issue a set number of tokens you can trade in for a night-out past curfew or day where you don't want to make your bed... that way, everyone wins!

  6. Good luck studying for the CPA exam! That's what I will be doing probably starting in the fall. Yikes. I'm nervous now.  

  7. hahaah, too cute.

    i feel so weird when i go home because of the reasons you mentioned. my mom likes to get on my case about everything, so i can't stay there for more than a week at a time, lol.

    good luck studying for the CPA exam!

    caroline - pictures & words

  8.  HAHAhahahaha.  I'm sorry but you guys are adorable.  You look so tiny compared to him!  Enjoy semiawkward at home time, at least the no-school part sounds AMAZING.

  9. it! You guys look so much alike especially with the matching outfits!

  10. That's awesome. Enjoy your time at home until your job starts!

  11. oh my gosh SO cute. seriously. haha i just showed this to my parents when they creeped around my shoulder (i'm visiting my home, too!)

    hooraaay for free groceries/food fo sho


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