Friday, March 25

And now for something completely different

In an attempt to post a little more frequently (I'd like to get back up to 3-4x a week), I've been thinking about doing something that isn't an outfit post once a week or every two weeks.

I'd love to have your input on it though, and know what else do you guys like to see other than regular outfit posts? Posts about hair? makeup? diys? grad school/how to get a job? music? food? (I don't cook but I can advise on which wines go with which days of the week) thrifting? pictures of my cat? married life? (I can't help you with that one).

For example, personally I love stuff about hair, diys, and thrifting, but tend to skim over the music posts and parenting advice.

So tell me what you think!

Here's something funny to look at while you think about that:

(On me: Express button-down; Thrifted skirt and heels; Wet Seal belt; AE necklace.)

And no, we didn't plan it, we just happened to show up to our honor society meeting wearing the EXACT SAME outfit. And then went to the bar afterward like that too. It was awesome.


  1. Organization? Beauty tips? Dress for less? DIY? I love all of these things! Pick something else you love and go for it. I love reading more about the bloggers I like because it makes me feel connected. Ready... set... go!

  2. please do some tips on thrifting and some of your thrifty outfits perhaps? so I could get motivated from you to go..

  3. It'd be cool to have a "get to know me" weekly post or something. You could talk about anything from your favorite music to your favorite wine.

  4. I second E's comment! I love learning more about other bloggers. Maybe like childhood stories or a weekly post about "Lydia's favorite things" - I love to see what's on people's wish lists and what they love!

  5. that's hilarious you wore the same outfits!
    i like diy's, make-up, hair, thrifting and personal stories...

  6. Aww, you guys look cute! And I like the idea of changing it up with a non-outfit post or two during the week. I pretty much love all the things you suggested that you like, so go for it!

  7. haha what are the odds of that same outfit happening? ok: cat pictures has my vote. haha and i am serious. i would loooove if one day of each week was devoted to cats!!!! and i would share it with the world. DIYs are always good to, but could end up being more time-consuming for you.

    anyway, i obviousssly miss your blog! i didn't blog at all over spring break

  8. That is too funny! Especially how she is wearing and black belt and grey heels and you are wearing a grey belt and black heels!! amazing.

    I love the idea of non-outfit posts! I'm trying to work a few in too as daily outfit posts can begin to get to a person. I like the get-to-know-you or thrifting or cat pictures!


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