Thursday, March 24

Spring Break! And help!



Pacsun tank; American Eagle jeans; Thrifted shoes and bag.

My outfits this week have all been some variation of this one. It's also been pretty windy lately, so this one is the only one that I've bothered to take pictures of.

Anyway, I'm going to this 'celebrity waiter' dinner for the March of Dimes tonight and I have no idea what to wear! It's in like an hour. Any suggestions? Unless you're really quick, it'll probably be too late and I'll have just picked the least wrinkled thing in my closet.

I should also point out that I live in New Mexico and people around here wear polo shirts when it's time to get dressed up. Plus my ball gown is at the cleaners anyway.

Update: Found the perfect LBD sitting in the back of my closet, and it wasn't even wrinkled.


  1. do you have a simple LBD that you can dress up with accessories??

  2. I think I'm too late, but I'd say a solid color or print knit dress--you can easily dress it up or down. And I love that pretty, colorful tank and awesome loafers!

  3. Sounds like you're going to have a fun night. Also cheers for finding a wrinkle free LBD in your closet.:)

  4. cute tank and love those loafer shoes! can't wait to see your LBD!!! hope you post a pic!

  5. That top is so cute! :) Yay for finding lbd :)

  6. That bag is thrifted?! Greeeaat find! Love it. LBD sounds perfect for tonight! With fun accessories hopefully ;)

  7. Ok love the cute casual warm weather outfit (jealous). Glad you found the LBD for this crazy "celebrity waiter" business - what the heck is that? I wanna go.

  8. ooo, sounds fun! can't go wrong with a little black dress


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